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Talk #9 of the Series, The Diamond Sutra

"The Lord asked: What do you think, Subhuti? Is there any dharma which the Tathagata has learned from Dipankara?Subhuti replied: Not so, O Lord, there is not. Dipankara is an ancient buddha. Gautama the Buddha, in his past life when he was not enlightened, had gone to Dipankara. He wanted to be accepted as a disciple, but Dipankara laughed and he said, 'There is nothing to be learned.'

"Truth cannot be learned. Yes, something has to be understood, but nothing has to be learned. Truth has to be recognized. It is already there in your being, it has to be uncovered. But there is nothing to learn.

"Truth is not new, truth is your very being. You have to become aware. Not that you have to become more knowledgeable, in fact the more knowledgeable you are the less aware you will be."
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Osho continues:
"The more you think you know the more you will be covered with ignorance.

"Knowledge is ignorance. The knowledgeable person is covered with dark clouds of memory, information, scripture, philosophy.

"Dipankara said to Gautama, 'You need not think in terms of learning. Truth is already in you. Truth cannot be transferred.' Not only this, but when Gautama touched the feet of Dipankara, Dipankara bowed down and touched the feet of Gautama. Gautama was not enlightened in those days. He was very puzzled, embarrassed too.

"There was a great assembly of monks; nobody could understand what was happening, what was going on. Dipankara had never done that to anybody else. And Gautama said, 'What have you done? Why have you touched my feet? I am a sinner, an ignorant person. To touch your feet is right, but you touching my feet is absurd. Have you gone mad?'

"And Dipankara laughed again and he said, 'No, Gautama. You are puzzled because you don't know your future. I am not mad. I can see it happening – you will be a buddha soon. Just to honor that fact I have touched your feet. And, moreover, for one who is enlightened all are enlightened. It is only a question of time. It doesn't matter much. I have become enlightened today, you will become enlightened tomorrow, somebody else will become enlightened the day after tomorrow – it doesn't matter. Enlightenment is going to happen to everybody, to every being. You can go on delaying it, that is up to you. The moment you stop delaying, the moment you stop postponing, it is there. It has always been waiting for you to recognize it.'

"It is one of the most beautiful stories – that Dipankara touched the feet of Gautama. And Gautama was an unknown man. After centuries, nearabout three thousand years afterwards, Gautama became enlightened. The first thing he did was he bowed down to Dipankara. Now there was no Dipankara, but he bowed down and he laughed and he said, 'Now I understand why you touched my feet. Now I can touch everybody's feet. Now I know that the whole existence is going to be enlightened.'

"Enlightenment is a natural happening."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

wise, presence, enlightened, harmonious, learning, life, unlearn, tathagata

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