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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol. 1, # 3, (mp3) - enlightenment, doubt, newton


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Only Nothing Is

Talk #3 of the Series, The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol. 1

"The first thing: Buddha emphasizes very much the idea of a homeless wanderer – the idea of homelessness. It need not be taken literally, but the idea is tremendously significant. If you build a house, if you build a home around you, you are doing something which is not possible in the nature of things. Because this life is a flux, this life is not more than momentary. This life is not stable, not permanent – here we are only for a few moments. Death is approaching continuously; we are dying every moment while we are living.

"To make this place, this space, a home, is absurd. The home is not possible here. The home is possible only in eternity. Time cannot be made a home, and if you try to make a home here then you will be constantly in misery, because you will be fighting against nature; you will be going against what Buddha calls dhamma."
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Osho continues:
"Dhamma simply means Tao, the way things are. If you want to make a dream permanent, you will suffer, because dream as such cannot be permanent. Its very nature is to be non-permanent. In fact, even to repeat the same dream again is difficult. The dream is illusory, you cannot live in it forever.

"To think of a permanent life here on this shore, the shore of time, is stupid. If you are a little intelligent, if you are a little aware and if you can see all around you what is happening. You were not here one day, and you will not be here one day again. How can you make a home here? You can stay here as if one stays overnight in a serai – when the morning comes you have to go.

"Yes, you can pitch tents here, but you cannot make a home. You can have shelter, but you should not become attached to it. You should not call it 'my,' 'mine.' The moment you call anything 'mine,' you are falling into stupidity. Nothing belongs to you, nothing can belong to you.

"One is a homeless wanderer in the very nature of things. Time is impermanent. Time means the temporary. Time cannot have any eternal home in it. To make a home in time is to make a house on the sands, or to make a signature in water – you go on making it; it goes on disappearing.

"Buddha says to understand this homelessness is to become a sannyasin. There is no necessity that you leave the home. You can leave if you feel good that way. If it fits with your nature you can leave the home, you can literally become a wanderer, but that is not a must. You can remain in the home, but it is no more a home for you. You know you don't possess it. You may be using it for a while, but tomorrow you have to go.

"So don't make a home anywhere, not even in the body – because that body is also continuously disappearing. If you don't make a home anywhere then you are a sannyasin in spirit – and a sannyasin is never miserable."
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enlightenment, doubt, attachments, self, relationship, pray, enlightened, painting, illness, newton

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