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Sex Is the Basic Problem

Talk #7 of the Series, The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol. 3

"The magnificent temple that Buddha built consists of three floors; his teaching has three dimensions to it, or three layers. And you will have to be very patient to understand those three layers. I say so because they have been misunderstood down the centuries.

"The first floor of Buddha's teaching is known as hinayana; the second floor is known as mahayana, and the third floor is known as vajrayana. Hinayana means 'the small vehicle,' 'the narrow way.' Mahayana means 'the great vehicle,' 'the wide way.' And vajrayana means 'the supreme vehicle,' 'the ultimate way,' 'the transcendental way.' Hinayana is the beginning and vajrayana is the climax, the crescendo.

"Hinayana starts from where you are. Hinayana tries to help you to change your mechanical habits; it is just like hatha yoga – very body-oriented, believes in great discipline; strict, almost repressive – at least it looks repressive."
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Osho continues:
"It is not repressive, but the whole work of hinayana consists in changing your centuries-old habits.

"Just as a tightrope-walker starts leaning to the left if he feels that he is going to fall towards the right, to balance one has to move to the opposite. By moving to the opposite, a balance arises – but that balance is temporary, momentary. Again you will start falling into the new direction, then again you will need balance and you will have to move to the opposite.

"Sex is the very basic problem. And all the habits that man has created are basically sex-oriented. That's why no society allows sex total freedom. All the cultures that have existed – sophisticated, unsophisticated, Eastern, Western, primitive, civilized – all cultures have tried in some way to control the sexual energy of man. It seems to be the greatest power over man. It seems that if man is allowed total freedom about sex, he will simply destroy himself.

"Skinner reports about a few experiments he was doing with rats. He has invented a new theory, that electrodes can be put into the human or animal brain, attached to particular centers in the brain, and you just push a button and that center will be stimulated inside you.

"There is a sex center in the brain. In fact, you are more controlled by the sex center in the brain than the actual sex center of your body. That's why fantasy works so much. That's why pornography has so much appeal. The pornography cannot appeal to the sex center itself; it stimulates the brain center attached to the sex center. Immediately the sex center, the physiological sex center, starts being active once the mind is active.

"He fixed electrodes into rats' brains and taught them how to push the button whenever they wanted sexual stimulation and an inner orgasm. He was surprised, he was not expecting that this was going to happen: those rats completely forgot everything – food, sleep, play –they forgot everything. They continuously pushed the button. One rat did it six thousand times and died – he died pushing the button. Six thousand times! He forgot everythingthen nothing else matters."

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