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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol. 3, # 1, (mp3)


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Desire Cannot Be Fulfilled

Talk #1 of the Series, The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol. 3

"The way of the buddha is not a religion in the ordinary sense of the term because it has no belief system, no dogma, no scripture. It does not believe in God, it does not believe in the soul, it does not believe in any state of moksha. It is a tremendous nonbelief – and yet it is a religion.

"It is unique. Nothing has ever happened before like that in the history of human consciousness, and nothing afterwards. Buddha remains utterly unique, incomparable.

"He says that God is nothing but a search for security, a search for safety, a search for shelter. You believe in God not because God is there, you believe in God because you feel helpless without that belief. Even if there is no God, you will go on inventing."
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Osho continues:
"The temptation comes from your weakness. It is a projection.

"Man feels very limited, very helpless, almost a victim of circumstances – not knowing from where he comes and not knowing where he is going, not knowing why he is here. If there is no God it is very difficult for ordinary man to have any meaning in life. The ordinary mind will go berserk without God.

"'God' is a prop – it helps you, it consoles you, it comforts you. It says, 'Don't be worried – the Almighty God knows everything about why you are here. He is the creator, he knows why he has created the world. You may not know but the Father knows, and you can trust in him.' It is a great consolation.

"The very idea of God gives you a sense of relief – that you are not alone, that somebody is looking after the affairs; that this cosmos is not just a chaos, it is really a cosmos; that there is a system behind it, that there is logic behind it; that it is not an illogical jumble of things, that it is not anarchy. Somebody rules it; the sovereign king is there looking after each small detail – not even a leaf moves without his moving it. Everything is planned. You are part of a great destiny. Maybe the meaning is not known to you, but the meaning is there – because God is there.

"'God' brings a tremendous relief. One starts feeling that life is not accidental; there is a certain undercurrent of significance, meaning, destiny. 'God' brings a sense of destiny.

"Buddha says: There is no God – it simply shows that man knows not why he is here. It simply shows man is helpless. It simply shows that man has no meaning available to him. By creating the idea of God he can believe in meaning, and he can live this futile life with the idea that somebody is looking after it.

"Just think: you are in an air flight and somebody comes and says, 'There is no pilot.' Suddenly there will be a panic. No pilot? 'No pilot' simply means you are doomed."

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