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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol. 4, # 4, (mp3)


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Mind Is a Soul Disturbed, and Soul Is Mind Silenced

Talk #4 of the Series, The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol. 4

How to become integrated?

"Integration has nothing to do with 'becoming.' In fact, all efforts to become bring disintegration.

"Integration is already there at the deepest core of your being; it has not to be brought in. At your very center you are integrated, otherwise you could not exist at all. How can you exist without a center? The bullock-cart moves – the wheel moves – because there is an unmoving center on which the wheel moves. It moves on the hub. If the cart is moving the hub is there. You may know it, you may not know it.

"You are alive, you are breathing, you are conscious; life is moving, so there must be a hub to the wheel of life. You may not be aware, but it is there."
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Osho continues:
"Without it, you cannot be.

"So the first thing, and very fundamental: becoming is not the issue. You are. You have just to go in and see it. It is a discovery, not an achievement. You have been carrying it all along, but you have become too attached to the periphery, and your back is to the center. You have become too outgoing, so you cannot look in.

"Create a little insight. The word insight is beautiful – it means: sight in, to look in, to see in. Eyes open outwards, hands spread outwards, legs move away from you. Sit silently, relax the periphery, close your eyes and just go inand not with effort. Just relax – as if one is drowning and one cannot do anything. We go on doing even when we are drowning.

"If you can simply allow it to happen, it will come to surface. Out of the clouds you will see the center arising.

"There are two modes of life: one is the action mode, you do something; the other is the reception mode – you simply receive. The action mode is outgoing. If you want more money you cannot just sit. It is not going to come that way. You will have to struggle for it, compete, and you will have to use all sorts of ways and means – legal, illegal, right, wrong. Money is not going to come by just sitting. If you want to become powerful, if you want to become a politician, you will have to do something about it. It is not going to come on its own.

"There is an action mode. The action mode is the outgoing mode. And there is an inaction mode too: you don't do anything, you simply allow it to happen. We have forgotten that language. That forgotten language has to be learned again.

"Integration has not to be brought in – it is already there. We have forgotten how to look at it, we have forgotten how to understand it. Move from the action mode more and more to the receptive, passive mode.

"I'm not saying to leave the world of action – because that will make you lopsided again."

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