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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: From Darkness to Light, # 24, (mp3) - hell, societies, krishna


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The Third Alternative: The Whole Man

Talk #24 of the Series, From Darkness to Light

"It is one of the most sensitive areas of life because it is concerned with the very life force – sex. The word has become too condemned. The reason sex became condemned was because all the religions had to be against everything that man can enjoy. It was their vested interest to keep man miserable, to destroy every possibility of his finding some kind of peace, solace, a moment of oasis in the desert. This was absolutely necessary for religions, that man be made completely devoid of any possibility, of any potentiality for rejoicing.

"Why was it so important for them? It was important because they wanted to shift you, your mind, somewhere else – towards the other world. If you are really happy here, why should you be bothered about the other world? Your misery is absolutely needed for the other world to exist."
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Osho continues:
"It does not exist in itself; it exists in your misery, in your suffering, in your anguish.

"All the religions have been doing that harm to you. They are creating more misery, more suffering, more wounds, more hatred, anger – and all in the name of God, all in the name of beautiful words.

"They talk about love and they destroy every possibility of your ever being in love.

"They talk about peace and create every situation for war.

"The strategy is very simple – go on talking about beautiful things, keep people engaged in words, ideologies; and while they are engaged in words and ideologies, philosophies, go on cutting their roots from the soil, from the life energy.

"And your life energy is rooted in your sex.

"All the societies became aware of the fact that it is only sex that can stand against God. If your sex is fulfilled your don't need God, because your life is fulfilled. Then God is just Godot. But if your sex is destroyed, repressed, condemned, if you are made to feel guilty about it, then God can go on living forever. He derives His energy through your suicide.

"Yes, I have said somewhere that sex-repressive societies have become civilized, cultured, richer, philosophical, scientific. They developed in all possible ways. Sex-expressive societies – which are very few now; the aboriginals are poor, they are uncultured, uncivilized. They have not evolved the way sex-repressive societies have evolved.

"This gave a great impetus to religious stupidity – because religion could prove on a basis in reality, that the societies that have been sex-expressive have remained poor, starving, hungry. And the sex-repressive societies have evolved in every possible way.

"The more sex repression, the higher becomes your cultural development. This became a proof for religions that sex repression is something absolutely needed; otherwise you will be simply barbarians. And in a way it is true, factually true. Hence, naturally, the question arises.

"I am not against sex. To me sex is as sacred as everything in life.

"There is nothing profane, nothing sacred.

"Life is one – all divisions are false.

"And sex is the very center of life. So you have to understand what has been happening down the centuries."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

hell, societies, science, wise, contented, krishna, shaw, nixon, picasso

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