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The Sweet Taste of Corruption

Talk #15 of the Series, From Darkness to Light

"I have never spoken against God for the simple reason that God does not exist. How can you speak against someone who does not exist in the first place? I have never spoken against Christianity either, because there is no such thing in the world as Christianity.

"What exists in the name of Christianity I have always called Crossianity. It is the worship of the cross, not of Christ. It is fear of death, not love of life. Just take a few things out of the life of Jesus and Christianity disappears. If he is not crucified can there be a Christianity? Jesus is not important; what is important is crucifixion. Even more important is the fiction of resurrection, but that is possible only if first Jesus is crucified. It is a corollary."
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Osho continues:
"These so-called Christians worship Jesus because of resurrection. That is a great consolation against death. That's why I say they are worshipping the cross, the crucifixion, the resurrection – not for any love for Jesus and his teachings but because of a deep fear of death. This fear of death makes them believe in things which they know are impossible. But when you are in a psychological turmoil of fear you can believe anything, just as a temporary consolation.

"They believe Jesus walks on water, turns stones into bread, makes wine out of water, raises the dead back to life. Just remove these things which don't have anything to do with Jesus' teachings – or do you think these things are necessary for there to be a religion? Then there cannot be any Buddhism, there cannot be any Jainism, there cannot be any religion other than Christianity. But all these religions are there.

"Buddha never made wine out of water. In fact if he had come to know that, 'Jesus is going to make wine out of water when I'm gone' – because Jesus came five hundred years afterwards – he would have condemned this man as a sinner. This is criminal – making wine out of water? This is against the law of every country. Just try to make marijuana and you will know whether you are worshipped or imprisoned.

"A very intelligent man, Timothy Leary, served seven years in jail because he was teaching that LSD can make man in every way superior to what he is now: his consciousness can be wider, his love can be deeper, his sensitivity can touch unknown peaks which have never been touched before. In every dimension LSD can be a tremendous boost for human growth. Just because of teaching these things he was put in jail.

"He was a professor, perfectly acquainted with the chemistry of LSD and the chemistry of the mind. He was not an illiterate person; what he was saying was based on scientific discoveries. But still, because he was teaching a philosophy supporting drugs, he was imprisoned for seven years. He is not a man of great guts; professors rarely are. He may have never thought that just by teaching a philosophical attitude you can get into so much trouble."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

silence, pointless, listening, inauthentic, alive, leary, tolstoy, socrates, nietzsche

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