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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: From Death to Deathlessness, # 37, (mp3) - light, natural, cleopatra


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The Eternal Light at Your Center

Talk #37 of the Series, From Death to Deathlessness

"I can understand your difficulty.

"There is no organization or institute on the whole planet earth where research is being done with respect and love towards nature. Just the contrary is the case. The research is being done to conquer nature. A man has even written a book, Conquest Of Nature.

"It is simply unbelievable that you are part of nature, a small part, a tiny part, trying to conquer the whole – as if one of my fingers is trying to take possession of my whole body.

"Man is nature too.

"So wherever you are, do not bother about the organization or the institution or their attitude; but you work with deep love, respect. You are not working against nature.

"And remember one thing: why have you been given intelligence? It is the natural growth."
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Osho continues:
"Nature is trying to improve upon itself through your intelligence. Right now it may be that natural organs are superior to artificial organs. But remember, the artificial organs can be superior to the natural organs, for the simple reason that nature works blindly.

"Through man nature is trying to have eyes.

"The natural heart can certainly be replaced by an artificial heart. The artificial heart will not have heart attacks. And the artificial heart will be easily removable, replaceable.

"Human blood is going to be a great need soon. You have to improve upon nature, because as the religious disease, AIDS, is spreading throughout the world, blood transfusion is becoming more and more dangerous. Through blood transfusion you can become a victim of AIDS.

"And AIDS is not the name of a disease; it is another name for death, because neither death has any cure, nor does AIDS have any cure. Unless something has a cure, to call it a disease is wrong. And scientists are agreed that AIDS will never be curable. So it is a slow suicide. It can infect in many ways: the greatest danger is from a blood transfusion.

"Artificial blood will be purer, because artificial blood is not going to be religious and homosexual; it is not going to be the source of your death. And what a death! – ugly; in your own eyes you fall down.

"So don't feel that you are working against nature. Nobody can succeed against nature. All the successes of science are not conquests, the way they have been described. All that we have discovered is through the compassion of nature, allowing us its secrets. We are part of nature, the best part of it. And nature wants, through human consciousness, to reach newer heights.

"Science is not against nature, cannot be. It has to follow natural laws, it cannot go against the natural laws. So all discovery, all research is to find out how nature functions, what its laws are.

"And you have intelligence that is given by nature; nature is ready to reveal its secrets to that intelligence. Follow the laws of nature, and you will be able to improve upon nature itself."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

light… natural… nobody… speaking… individual… luminous… cloudless… discontinuity… cleopatra… sartre

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