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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: From Death to Deathlessness , # 20, (mp3) - science, belief, shvetketu


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There Is a Bigger Universe Within You

Talk #20 of the Series, From Death to Deathlessness

"The scientific approach to existence and the religious approach have been in the past separate and unbridgeable. The reason was the insistence of old religions on superstitions, belief systems, denial of inquiry and doubt. In fact, there is nothing unbridgeable between science and religion, and there is no separation either. But religion insisted on belief – science cannot accept that.

"Belief is covering up your ignorance. It never reveals to you the truth; it only gives you certain dogmas, creeds, and you can create an illusion of knowledge through them. But that knowledge is nothing but a delusion.

"Anything based on belief is bogus.

"Because religions insisted continuously on belief, and the basic method of science is doubt, the separation happened. And it became unbridgeable. It is unbridgeable if religion does not arise and face the challenge of doubt."
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Osho continues:
"The whole responsibility of the religions has been to keep these two as two.

"In my vision, there is only science, with two dimensions. One dimension approaches the outside reality, the other dimension approaches the interior reality. One is objective, the other is subjective. Their methods are not different, their conclusions are not different. Both start from doubt.

"Doubt has been condemned so much that you have forgotten the beauty of it, you have forgotten the richness of it.

"The child is born not with any belief, but he is born with a very curious, doubting, skeptical consciousness. Doubt is natural, belief is unnatural.

"Belief is imposed by the parents, society, the educational systems, religions. All these people are in the service of ignorance, and they have served ignorance for thousands of years. They have kept humanity in darkness, and there was a reason for it: if humanity is in darkness, knows nothing of reality, then it can be exploited easily, enslaved easily, deceived easily, kept poor, dependent. All these things were involved.

"The old religions were not concerned with truth. They talked about it, but their concern was how to keep people away from truth. And up to now they have succeeded. But now those religions are all on their deathbed and the sooner they die the better.

"Why do you need a belief in the first place? You don't believe in a roseflower. Nobody asks you, 'Do you believe in a roseflower?' You will simply laugh, you will say, 'The question of belief does not arise; I know the roseflower.'

"Knowledge needs no belief.

"But the blind man believes in light, has to; he has no eyes. You will be surprised that the blind man not only believes in light, he also believes in darkness. Ordinarily, people think that a blind man must be living in darkness. That is not true, because to see darkness you need eyes. Without eyes you can neither see light nor can you see darkness. Darkness and light are not two things, but two poles of one reality.

"You can define darkness as less light, you can define light as less darkness; the difference is of degree. Our eyes have a certain capacity – very limited."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

science, belief, methods, need, offended, enlightened, inquiry, experience, shvetketu, shaw

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