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Judgment Day: A Very Stupid Idea

Talk #29 of the Series, From Death to Deathlessness

"They will never locate heaven and hell anywhere. They are fictions, lies told to humanity to keep it enslaved, to console it in its suffering and torture, to prevent it from any revolution that could change the whole scene on the earth.

"But in a certain sense, those words are significant. They are usable but only for your psychology, not for your geography.

"And you know perfectly well where they are.

"Everybody knows moments when he is in hell and moments when he is in heaven. These are states of the mind. Most of the time you are in hell. Once in a while, on the weekend, perhaps you have a little bit of heaven too.

"That little bit of heaven is dangerous. It keeps you in hell, hoping for that little bit of heaven: 'Tomorrow it will be coming."
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Osho continues:
"So it is only a question of somehow passing today, and just waiting patiently for tomorrow.'

"Hell is the state of the mind in turmoil, in neurosis, in psychosis – split, in schizophrenia; a chaos, feeling no meaning, no purpose, and darkness all around. There are moments – you are perfectly acquainted with them: those moments are hell. It is not a reality outside you, it is what you create inside you.

"And in the same way, sometimes just tired of the hell – continuous suffering, torture, you cannot take it anymore – you relax for a moment. And a little breeze, a little coolness – you have a glimpse of heaven: in your love, in your friendship, in watching a sunrise, a sunset, or in just looking at the immensity of the universe, the stars. If you can see beauty, if you can be sensitive to the delicate music of existence, you will have a few moments here and there, scattered, which you can call heaven.

"But this is not what the religions have been telling you. They say there is heaven above your heads, far away in the clouds, and a hell below you, far below.

"There is a problem. In India, the hell used to be here in Oregon, deep down. If you go on digging a hole from India, it is going to end up in Oregon – that's how I ended up here. Just trying to dig a hole, suddenly I found myself in this desert. And for the Oregonians India is hell, because it is below them.

"The earth is round! What is above your head? Heaven, if it existed, or hell, if it existed, would be in constant trouble, because your head is continuously moving with the earth. They would go crazy! Hell would be trying to remain below your feet; heaven would be trying to remain above your head. And the earth is revolving on its own center; not only that, it is also going around the sun.

"No such heaven, no such hell exist.

"Yuri Gagarin, the first man who went closest to the moon, who had the first close look and circled around the moon, the first question he was asked in Soviet Russia was, 'Did you see God there?'

"He said, 'I did not see anybody.' So in Moscow they have a planetarium."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

separate… political… bible… interdependence… peace… nobody… obviously… schizophrenia… jesus… cleopatra

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