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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: From Death to Deathlessness, # 27, (mp3) - witness, philosophy, awareness


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Talk #27 of the Series, From Death to Deathlessness

"I am not interested in intellectual questions.

"First, be a witness to yourself, then ask.

"You want me to be sincere with you; please just be sincere with yourself.

"It is all wanting – 'I want to concentrate my efforts.' It is just wishing. Who is preventing you? What are you doing here?

"The only thing I am teaching is to be a witness of your actions, thoughts, feelings. Start with the actions because that is the easiest, then thoughts, and then feelings – which are the most subtle.

"But it seems people simply go on only thinking about things. 'What is there after witnessing yourself? Is there something more?' Do you think witnessing is not more than enough?

"But the mind functions in this way, it always asks for more."
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Osho continues:
"It asks continuously – wherever you are it will ask for more. But in witnessing the mind disappears, hence the more and the desire for more disappears. Witnessing is all.

"But, please, do it – don't just go on thinking. How long have you been thinking and wanting? If you had been a witness all this time, this question would not have arisen at all. That's why I said I am not interested in any intellectual gymnastics.

"Do it. And one thing is certain: one who is a witness forgets all about more. It is so much! There is no possibility to imagine that there can be more.

"You are asking me to be sincere with you – great! And you are not sincere with yourself at all. This question shows your insincerity. My sincerity towards you will not help. You will have to be sincere, total, and do it! And start from this very moment; don't postpone.

"This silencejust be a witness to it.

"Don't think about it, don't make any judgment about it.

"Just be a simple witness, a mirror which reflects and makes no judgment.

"This very moment you can become a witness.

"Witnessing is the only religion there is.
In being responsible, one has to choose. How does it fit together with choicelessness?
"Again, the same stupidity.

"Have you ever tasted choicelessness?

"It is very easy to make questions which appear to be very relevant, but they only appear relevant to people who don't know the real experience. You cannot deceive me.

"You are saying, 'Being responsible means choosing.' Who has told you that? And then, of course, the mind says, 'Then choicelessness cannot fit with being responsible.'

"The first thing is becoming choiceless.

"Live the life of a witness, without choosing, in a let-go.

"Let things happen to you.

"Do whatever spontaneously arises in you.

"The question of choice is intellectual: to do this or to do that, and what will be more profitable, more beneficial; what is moral and what is immoral.

"The question of choice is that of a blind man who is continuously groping with his stick to find where the door is, where the way is."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

witness… philosophy… awareness… priest… responsibilities… spiritual… outside… humanity… lovemaking… choiceless

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