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Innocence Is Power

Talk #16 of the Series, From Ignorance to Innocence

Is the hypothesis of God not useful in any way? – because the very idea of dropping the idea of God makes me immensely afraid.

"It is already too late. The moment one starts calling the idea of God a hypothesis, the idea of God is already dropped.

"The so-called religious people will never use the word hypothesis for God. For them God is not our hypothesis, but on the contrary we are his creation, he is the very source of existence, he is the most existential being.

"But when you call God a hypothesis that means you are putting him in the same category as Euclidian hypotheses in geometry, or other hypotheses which are only assumptions; they may prove right, they may not prove right. Only experiment, experience is going to decide it, and that too will not be an ultimate decision because future experiments may cancel it."
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Osho continues:
"A hypothesis is an assumed fact – for the time being accepted as true, but only for the time being. Nobody can say it will be true tomorrow too. In three hundred years of scientific growth you can see it: something was true for Newton, it is not true for Rutherford; it was true for Rutherford, it is not true for Albert Einstein. Better experiments, better instruments can always change the hypothesis.

"So no theologian is going to call God a hypothesis – he is the very truth, and he is not dependent on your experiments. If you cannot find him it is your failure, not a proof that God does not exist. If you succeed, of course, he exists. If you fail, you fail; God still exists.

"Hypothesis is a scientific term, not a theological concept; and science is very honest. Theology is just the opposite, very dishonest.

"The very word theology shows its dishonesty, insincerity. Theo means God, logy means logic. But nobody has ever offered any logic about God. Every argument goes against God; no argument has been yet produced which proves God. Still they go on calling it theology – logic of God. It would have been more honest for them to call God a hypothesis, but you cannot worship a hypothesis, can you?

"Knowing that this is only a hypothesis, perhaps right, perhaps wrong But worship is not possible with a perhaps, with a maybe; worship needs a blind faith that it is so. Even if all the evidence goes against it, then too it is so. That's the meaning of faith. Faith is not logic, it is absolutely illogical. And to call the idea of God a hypothesis means destroying all the churches, all the temples, all the synagogues.

"The very word hypothesis is very significant: it means you are allowed to doubt because you are allowed to experiment and find. It is only a temporary assumption to begin with. One has to begin with something, so for the time being, just to begin with, we accept a hypothesis. But how can you worship it? And how can the priest exploit you? It is absolutely against the religious people to use the word hypothesis."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

breathing… cool… lost… innocent… dangerous… conscious… abyss… possession… tolstoy… newton

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