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Conscience: A Coffin for Consciousness

Talk #23 of the Series, From Ignorance to Innocence

Is there any point in living?

"Man has been brought up by all the traditions in a schizophrenic way.

"It was helpful to divide man in every possible dimension, and create a conflict between the divisions. This way man becomes weak, shaky, fearful, ready to submit, surrender; ready to be enslaved by the priests, by the politicians, by anybody.

"This question also arises out of a schizophrenic mind. It will be a little difficult for you to understand because you may have never thought that the division between ends and means is a basic strategy of creating a split in man.

"Has living any meaning, any point, any worth? The question is: Is there some goal to be achieved by life, by living? Is there some place where you will reach one day by living? Living is a means; the goal, the attainment, somewhere far away, is the end."
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Osho continues:
"And that end will make it meaningful. If there is no end, then certainly life is meaningless; a God is needed to make your life meaningful.

"First create the division between ends and means. That divides your mind. Your mind is always asking why? For what? And anything that has no answer to the question, 'For what?' slowly, slowly becomes of no value to you. That's how love has become valueless. What point is there in love? Where is it going to lead you? What is going to be the achievement out of it? Will you attain to some utopia, some paradise? Of course, love has no point in that way. It is pointless.

"What is the point of beauty? You see a sunset – you are stunned, it is so beautiful, but any idiot can ask the question, 'What is the meaning of it?' and you will be without any answer. And if there is no meaning then why are you unnecessarily bragging about beauty?

"A beautiful flower, or a beautiful painting, or beautiful music, beautiful poetry – they don't have any point. They are not arguments to prove something, neither are they means to achieve any end.

"And living consists only of those things which are pointless.

"Let me repeat it: living consists only of those things which have no point at all, which have no meaning at all – meaning in the sense that they don't have any goal, that they don't lead you anywhere, that you don't get anything out of them.

"In other words, living is significant in itself. The means and ends are together, not separate.

"And the strategy of all those who have been lustful for power, down the ages has been that means are means, and ends are ends. Means are useful because they lead you to the end. If they don't lead to your end, they are meaningless. In this way, they have destroyed all that is really significant. And they have imposed things on you which are absolutely insignificant.

"Money has a point. A political career has a point. To be religious has a point, because that is the means to heaven, to God. Business has a point because immediately you see the end result."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

meaning… powerful… quality… schizophrenic… watching… unique… nobody… answer… challenge… vatsayana

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