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Society Crowds You Out; Meditation Outs Your Crowd

Talk #14 of the Series, From Ignorance to Innocence

Why, in the first place, have people been distracted from their original self?

"Man is born with an unknown, an unknowable potentiality. His original face is not available when he comes into the world. He has to find it. It is going to be a discovery, and that's the beauty of it. And that's the difference between a being and a thing.

"A thing has no potential; it is what it is. A table is a table; a chair is a chair. The chair is not going to become anything else, it has no potentiality; it has only actuality. It is not a seed of something. Man is not a thing. That brings all the trouble and all the joy, all the challenges, all the disturbances.

"The child comes just empty, with no writing on him, no indications even of what he is going to be – all dimensions are open."
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Osho continues:
"This is the first basic thing to be understood: that a child is not a thing, a child is a being.

"He is not yet; he is just going to become. He is a process, and there is no possibility to predict where he is going to end, what will be the ultimate outcome of his life's experiences, anguishes, anxieties, ecstasies, what is it going to finally amount to in the end? The final sum total of his whole life is not available in the beginning.

"He does not bring a chart with him. All the astrologers have been befooling you, palmists have befooled you, and they could befool you because there was a chance to befool you. The parents are concerned what the child is going to be. And their concern is out of love; hence they can be exploited by all kinds of con men. Those con men can predict, 'He is going to be this, or that,' but they don't do much harm; they simply exploit a little bit. Their predictions never come true.

"The greater problem arises from the priests, from the politicians, from the pedagogues. The politician is not interested in what the real potential of the child is. He is interested that the child becomes a part of his power trip. He has an investment in every child, because every child is a potential friend or enemy. It is good to start canvassing as early as possible. So before the child starts on his own, he is distracted onto a path which is going to fulfill the politician's desire, but which is going to kill the seed in the child himself.

"The priest is interested; he has an investment. The pope is a bigger pope if he has more Catholics in the world. If Catholics disappear, what is the value of a pope, who cares about him? Each child that is born has some power, which can be exploited by politicians and priests.

"Soon the child is going to become a fully-fledged citizen of the world – he should be grabbed. He should become a Catholic if he is born out of Catholic parents or if fortunately, he is an orphan, then Mother Teresa can look after him and convert him into a Catholic."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

precious… mischief… masses… burdened… reaction… societies… chain… movement… euclid… engels

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