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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: From Misery to Enlightenment, # 23, (mp3) - darkness, eternity, einstein


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You'll Never Find a Lion in the Lion's Club

Talk #23 of the Series, From Misery to Enlightenment

"Man's mind is a Pandora's box.

"It contains the whole of evolution from the lowest creature to the highest genius. They are all living together in man's mind simultaneously, they are all contemporaries. It is not that something is past, something is present, something is future: as far as mind is concerned everything is simultaneous, contemporary.

"It has to be understood very clearly because without understanding it the question will remain unresolved. The idiot is in you, so is the genius. Of course the idiot is much more powerful because it has a longer history, and the genius is a very still, small voice. From Khomeini to Einstein you are spread; and the trouble is that Khomeini is in the majority, much more in you than Albert Einstein, who is in a very poor minority."
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Osho continues:
"Think of man's mind as a pyramid. The base is made up of Khomeinis, millions of Khomeiniacs, and as you go upwards there are fewer and fewer people. At the peak they are not in millions, not in billions, only in dozens – and at the very peak, perhaps there is a single individual.

"But remember that the difference between Khomeini and Einstein is not of quality, it is only of quantity, because part of Khomeini is Albert Einstein, and the major part of Albert Einstein is also Khomeini.

"Just the other day the results of a three-year long research on Albert Einstein's brain were published. It took three years just to count the cells of his brain. There are millions of cells in every brain doing different kinds of specific work: it is a very miraculous world.

"How a certain cell functions in a certain way is still not known. A certain cell thinks, a certain cell dreams, a certain cell poetizes, a certain cell paints. What makes the difference between these groups of cells? They are all alike as far as chemistry and physiology is concerned; there seems to be no difference at all. But there are cells which think, there are cells which imagine, there are cells which are mathematical, and there are cells which are philosophical. It is a whole world.

"Three years counting the cells of Albert Einstein's brain – the result is very significant. A certain kind of cell has been found in his brain – twenty-seven percent more than in the average brain. That certain kind of cell has only one function: to feed, nourish, the thinking cells. It has no direct function, it is a nourishment to the thinking cells. And that nourishing cell has been found to be twenty-seven percent more numerous than in the ordinary, average man.

"Now the difference is of quantity, it is not a qualitative difference: those twenty-seven percent cells can be grown in you. And why only twenty-seven? Two hundred and seventy percent more can be grown because it is well-known and an established fact how those cells grow.

"In white mice they have been growing all kinds of cells. If the white mouse is given more things to play with, he starts growing those nourishing cells, because he has to think."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

darkness… eternity… problems… savior… sense… perfectly… listen… separate… einstein… zarathustra

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