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Man: The Greatest Problem -- and the Only Solution

Talk #19 of the Series, From Misery to Enlightenment

"The greatest problem or the smallest problem, it is the same: man. And when I say man, I do not mean something abstract. I mean I, you, he, she. There exists no man as such, separate from human beings.

"There exists no humanity; it is only a name. The reality is the individual. And the problem arises because the reality has not been accepted. The real has been denied expression; and the unreal, the abstract, has been imposed upon it.

"You have been told continuously, 'Live for humanity.' Where is humanity? Have you ever come across humanity? Do you think you are ever going to have an encounter with humanity? It is just like all those big, bombastic, bogus words: God, motherland, fatherland, Holy Ghost. They don't exist, they are only projected."
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Osho continues:
"'Live for humanity' means don't live for yourself.

"Nobody has the guts to say to you directly, 'Don't live for yourself.' So they have found a cunning, clever, indirect way of saying the same thing: Live for God, live for humanity, live for man, live for the universe. Live for anything – XYZ – but please don't live for yourself. And here is the root of the whole problem.

"Your life is your life, and it can be lived only one way; there is no other alternative. And the only way that it can be lived has to be found by you. It is not all ready like a super-highway, ready-made, with millions of people moving on it, going towards their goal, and you have just to join the crowd.

"No, there is no super-highway to existence.

"There are only small footpaths which are walked in total aloneness.

"And remember, even those footpaths are not ready-made, available for you so that you can go on number eleven footpath. They don't exist other than when you walk upon them; it is through walking you create them. It is a very beautiful and mysterious way life has, that it does not make you like a railway train which runs on rails. A railway has no choice, it cannot just go anywhere it likes. Those rails are fixed, somebody else determines them. Those rails are the destiny – the train simply moves according to somebody else's dictates.

"Man has no destiny – although you have been told for thousands of years that you have a destiny.

"This is what I call the way of the cunning, deceiving, exploiting people. Now when it is said to you that man has a destiny, you never think of a railway train. Only railway trains have destinations, stations. But beautiful words can go on hiding ugly realities. 'Man has a destiny' – I have been hearing it from my childhood, and I have been saying each time it has been mentioned by somebody in some way, 'Please don't insult me.'

"When I said this to one of my professors, he was shocked. He said, 'I am not insulting you. To have a destiny is not an insult, it is the most honorable thing in life.'

"I said, 'It may be for you because you don't understand what you are saying."
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