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I Don't Want My Truth to Be Your Theory

Talk #29 of the Series, From Personality to Individuality

"I do not deal in theories. I am a simple man, not a theoretician.

"A theoretician is a great thinker. He knows nothing about reality, but he goes on creating theories about it. His whole life he goes around and around. That's the actual meaning of the word about. A theory is always about and about; and the truth, the reality, is just at the center, it is never around. But the theoretician is skilled in beating around the bush.

"The moment you ask me, 'Is the theory of reincarnation not true?' your question says many things to me. First: you want my support for your belief.

"Belief is always in need of support.

"Truth is never in need of any support:

"It is enough unto itself.

"Truth needs no evidence, no witnesses."
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Osho continues:
"Even if the whole world is against the man of truth, he will not care at all – because truth is not something that depends on the number of people who support it. A single man may be right, and the whole world may be wrong. Truth is not something political, that you have to vote for it.

"Your question is indicative that you believe in the theory of reincarnation. Belief is always shaky, afraid, because deep down you are aware that you don't know: it may be right, it may not be. You would like somebody in whom you have some kind of trust to support your theory, your belief. From that space comes your question.

"You love me, you trust me. If I can say to you, yes, it is true, then it is as if a blood transfusion is given to somebody who has lost too much blood: your theory, your belief starts appearing stronger, more stable. You don't know but at least somebody who knows is supporting it, and you trust that somebody; he cannot lie.

"I don't want you to trust me in that way.

"Give your love to me but don't trust me.

"The moment you start trusting somebody else, you stop inquiring on your own. And I would not like you to stop your own individual inquiry. Loving is perfectly good because you are sharing something, but in the name of trust you are really deceiving yourself.

"For thousands of years this is how man has been deceived and exploited. I want to destroy that whole strategy at its very roots.

"Trust only your own experience.

"It does not matter whether I say yes or no.

"What matters is whether you have experienced it or not.

"That is going to be decisive, that is going to transform your life.

"There are three religions – Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism – which have taken a negative stand on the theory of reincarnation. They say it is not true. This is a negative belief Remember that belief can be either negative or positive, but it does not change its nature. This is a negative belief. These three religions are under the influence of a negative belief that there is no reincarnation."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

belief… trust… sermons… hypnotized… sense… perfectly… believing… plato… desai… edison

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