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Life Is the Ultimate Yes

Talk #30 of the Series, From Personality to Individuality

"I am against communism, but for a very strange reason. The strange reason is that it is not communism at all. The word communism is derived from commune; but communism is not commune-ism. It has no base in the idea of the commune – on the contrary, it is simply anti-capitalism. Its name gives you the false notion of something positive, but in fact it is only a negative approach: it is anti-capitalism. And my understanding is that anything that is basically negative cannot help man's evolution in any way.

"It is because of this fact that atheism has not been of any help to man's evolution, his consciousness, his growth. It is just pure negativity. Just saying that there is no God, and basing your whole philosophy on the belief in no – God, is sheer stupidity."
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Osho continues:
"Life needs something positive. In fact it needs something so positive that it can absorb its negative also, so powerfully positive that the negative need not remain out of it or against it; it can be absorbed.

"Jesus says, 'Man cannot live by bread alone.' I cannot agree with him, because mostly man lives by bread alone; most human beings have lived by bread alone. I know what his implication was. I am not against his implication, I am against his statement. The implication is that man needs something more than the physical, something more than the bodily, something higher, transcendental, without which man can vegetate but cannot live. I support the implication, but Jesus' statement is very poor.

"Why did I mention the statement? I wanted to make a similar statement but one with tremendous meaning.

"I say unto you:

"Man cannot live by the negative alone.

"And communism is only a negative philosophy, like atheism.

"Just think:

"How can you grow with noes surrounding you?

"Growth needs the staircase of yes.

"No is dead; it is equivalent to death.

"Death is the ultimate no.

"Life is the ultimate yes. Life needs the base of some yes-philosophy.

"Communism has nothing to offer. It is very strange, but worth understanding, that all kinds of perverse ideas are by-products of Judaism – for example Christianity, which is a negative philosophy. The cross is a symbol of its negativity. You can make it of gold, but a cross is a cross. Just by making it of gold you cannot make it a yes; it remains a no.

"Christianity has said no to everything in life that is joyful, that you can rejoice in. It is anti-life. It is rooted in death, and its whole world starts after your death. Your life is worthless unless it is sacrificed for the life that is going to come after death.

"You see the perversion? Is real life after death or before death? And if life continues after death, then why should you be against life now? – because the same life will continue, perhaps on a wider scale, a bigger scale, a higher scale, but the same life will be there."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

individual… balancing… sleep… repression… atheism… judging… hassids… napoleon… marx… hippocrates

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