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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: From the False to the Truth, # 20, (mp3) - awakened, sleep, kali


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Only an Egoist Can Be Humble

Talk #20 of the Series, From the False to the Truth

"I have no ifs and buts in my philosophy of life. It is not a question of 'if' I am not a great master but an ordinary, fallible man – it is the truth.

"And to be chosen by an ordinary fallible man – I cannot conceive how it can fulfill your ego. If you were chosen by a great master, then certainly your egos would be fulfilled. But in your being chosen by an ordinary, fallible man, your egos will be completely destroyed. The fallible man will most probably choose the wrong person. The ordinary man is bound to choose ordinary people. It is impossible for you to feel extraordinary.

"I want you to realize a simple thing: in existence there is nothing higher, nothing lower. There are no separate entities to be compared – it is one existence."
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Osho continues:
"And to be part of it you cannot remain extraordinary. You are dividing yourself from the beautiful ordinariness of existence.

"The people who have called themselves the great masters, prophets, messiahs, are simply egoistic. Naturally, these people attracted other egoistic people.

"Jesus declares he is the only begotten son of God. He chooses his twelve apostles – all idiots, but their egos are tremendously fulfilled. Chosen by the only begotten son of God, they become extraordinary in their minds. The moment Jesus was departing, the last night, do you know what the disciples were asking him? They were not concerned that tomorrow he is going to be crucified, they did not ask a single question about that. They did not ask, 'What can we do to prevent it?' Not a single one of them said, 'I am ready to be crucified in your place.'

"What they asked is simply disgusting. They asked, 'Lord, when you reach paradise, of course you will be sitting at the right hand of God the father. Please tell us, what will be our positions? Who will be next to you?'

"Do you think these people are sane, sensible, reasonable? These people are madly egoistic. They are with Jesus not because they love him but because they are going to use Jesus as a ladder to reach paradise, to the highest possible post there. Of course, they allow Jesus to be at the right hand of God, but who will be next to him? – and then? – all twelve apostles. I do not see any love, any gratitude.

"They have not come for that. They were attracted by Jesus' proclamation that he is the messenger, the prophet, the son. And a fisherman is asking, 'What will be my place in paradise?' A fisherman has no place in this world. He is trying to console himself; he is trying to believe that Jesus is the son of God, because on that belief depends his ego. Without Jesus being the only begotten son of God, he is only a fisherman. But if Jesus is the son of God, and the fisherman is by his side, naturally he becomes extraordinary, the most superior person possible."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

awakened… sleep… egos… ordinary… nobody… inferiority… savior… abundantly… kali… mahavira

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