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Blessed Are the Rich

Talk #10 of the Series, From the False to the Truth


"Jesus used to teach his disciples, particularly the two fishermen who became his first disciples, how to catch men instead of catching fish. I teach my people how to catch clergymen, instead of catching simply men and women. This is going to be a great feast. We are not cannibals, otherwise we would have tasted Christianity, but still, some vegetable salad can be made.

"I have heard a small story. In a school the teacher was telling the little boys and girls how God created the world, man, woman, and how he created these two sexes in trees, in birds, in animals. And when she was telling all this – that there are two sexes, man and woman – a small boy stood up. He said, 'No! There are three sexes: man, woman and clergyman.' It is a totally different species."
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Osho continues:
"I have read his letter – it is so long, many questions in it. Start asking them one by one.
I mean that you have fallen down in the same pit, hollow, like other great masters and leaders, to tell bullshit about others.
"First, he was sad because I criticized Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa wrote to me saying that she prays for me every day, and asks God to forgive me. Now, this is an absolute trespass.

"I wrote her back, 'Who are you to pray for me? – and to a God who does not exist at all. And even if he existed, you have no right to pray for me! I don't want any interference in my life, in my ways of thinking. This is violating the freedom of the individual. You stop praying to God – at least for me. I am perfectly happy, and my happiness is based on knowing that there is no God, that man is free.'

"God was a monopolist, a fascist, an imperialist; he dominated everything. If God is there, there is no possibility of freedom; you are just puppets in his hand. He wants to create you – he creates you; he wants to destroy you – he destroys you. There is no court of appeal against him. He is the final and absolute authority. Christianity is an anti-democratic religion. And all the religions who believe in God are fascist. They have accepted slavery.

"The clergymanI don't know how to address him, Mr. Clergyman or Mrs. Clergyman – because his sex is neither. So please forgive me, I will just use the address, clergyman.

"These people are strange – so programmed, so conditioned that they cannot listen to the truth. I have no enmity with Mother Teresa. But if she writes to me that she prays to God to forgive me. I have not committed any sin, I have not committed any crime – why should I be forgiven? And I have not given her my power of attorney to pray for me. And if I say this, you are disturbed that I criticized Mother Teresa.

"This clergyman was leaving yesterday; he had packed, he was so angry."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

blissful… blessings… luxury… celibate… effort… hallucination… magdalene… stalin

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