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A New Era of Enlightenment

Talk #8 of the Series, From the False to the Truth

"The phenomenon of enlightenment is very rare. It should not be so, because everyone is born enlightened and then enters into a dark tunnel of religions, cultures, civilizations, education. Enlightened you are born, unenlightened you die. That's why I say it should not be so rare.

"It should be just the contrary; most of the people should be enlightened, to find unenlightened people should be difficult. But that's not what has been happening down the ages.

"The society is not interested in enlightened people. They are dangerous, contagious. They cannot be enslaved – and all societies want people to be enslaved, exploited, oppressed.

"The enlightened person is rebellious, against all that man has been doing to other human beings. That's why all the societies from the very beginning start closing the doors and the windows from where any light can enter the child."
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Osho continues:
"They will start making him a Christian. Now, no Christian can be enlightened. He will have to drop his Christianity before he becomes enlightened. The same is true about Hinduism, Mohammedanism, Buddhism, communism, fascism.

"The enlightened person has no 'ism.' He need not be concerned with any ideology. He has his own eyes open, he can see; he need not think. Only a blind man thinks about where the door is to get out, where the road is to move on. Only a blind man waits for someone to help him to cross the road. Only a blind man needs a guide, a master; if you have eyes, you cross the road yourself, you find the door yourself. In fact, there is no question of finding: you don't even think about it, you see it.

"Please understand the difference between seeing and thinking. Thinking is a very poor substitute for seeing. If you have not seen a lotus flower, howsoever you think about it, you will not be able to figure out what a lotus flower is. The moment you see it, thinking stops. There is nothing to think about; the thing itself is in front of you. And a lotus flower is so beautiful that it is bound to stop your thinking process at least for a second. Only in that second will you experience the beauty, the grandeur, the godliness of the flower.

"The world is divided into civilizations, societies, cultures. They all do the same thing to the visitors coming into the world, the new people – the children. Mankind has committed the greatest crime against its own children. The children are dependent on you, they think you know all – and you know perfectly well that you know nothing.

"The children are very curious about each and every thing. They are continuously asking, their enquiry is constant. You try to shut them up – not because their questions are irrelevant, but because you don't have answers. And you know perfectly well that by the time they reach your age, they will understand the situation – and they will do the same with their own children. This goes on and on, generation to generation; hence very rarely have there been enlightened people."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

enlightened… listening… enlightenment… eternity… methods… natural… challenge… societies… ditch… barabbas

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