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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: From the False to the Truth, # 14, (mp3) - heart, lie, eve


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We Are Here to Be Whole

Talk #14 of the Series, From the False to the Truth

"It is impossible. I am simply an individual who belongs to no religion, to no caste, to no cult, to no nation. And I cannot belong to anybody, for the simple reason that I am completely content with myself. The desire to belong arises because you feel empty. In a crowd of any kind – political, religious – you forget your emptiness; the crowd fills you.

"It is impossible also because I am no longer seeking, searching for anything – existence has opened all its doors to me. I cannot even say that I belong to existence, because I am just part of it. If you are not part of it, then in some way you create a relationship, a belonging.

"When a flower blossoms, I blossom with it.

"When the sun rises, I rise with it."
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Osho continues:
"The ego in me, which keeps people separate, is no longer there. I am dissolved – who can belong? I am not there. My body is part of nature, my being is part of the whole. I am not a separate entity.

"When you are a separate entity, there is fear. The universe is vast, the problems are immense. You would like a family to belong to, a community, a society, a culture, a religion. Alone you cannot face the vast emptiness surrounding you. Alone you are so small in comparison to the expanding universe – great fear arises.

"But when you start belonging to a big crowd, the fear is diluted. So people belong to the family, they belong to a society, they belong to a culture, they belong to a church. And if even that is not fulfilling, then they create Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, the 'One Thousand Enemies of Oregon.' The bigger the crowd, the bigger you start imagining yourself to be. If you are a Catholic, you know there are six hundred million Catholics – you become huge.

"I have no fear, because the one that could have fear has disappeared long ago. Even here, you are Rajneeshees, I am not. In fact, in my whole life I have never belonged to anything. I have been just a guest everywhere – even here I am simply a guest. Even my guesthouse is not within the boundaries of Rajneeshpuram.

"I am just an outsider, but to be an outsider and contented, fearlessbecause death cannot destroy me, there is nothing to be destroyed. My death has already happened thirty-two years ago; this is my posthumous existence. Any moment the body can fall apart, and I will be part of the whole. And remember, being part of the whole is not the same as being part of a machine, an organization. The words are the same, but in reality, to be part of the whole means to be the whole. There is no other way.

"To be part of any kind of mechanism is not to be the whole mechanism. In your machines, cars, you can change a part because the part is really apart – you can take it out and put in another part."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

heart… lie… fragrance… outsider… enquiry… eve… aristotle… adam… jaspers

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