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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: From Unconsciousness to Consciousness , # 22, (mp3) - lie, powerful, solomon


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You Will Not Find God, but You Will Find Yourself

Talk #22 of the Series, From Unconsciousness to Consciousness

"Existence as such has no meaning. Nor is it meaningless. Meaning is simply irrelevant to existence. There is no goal existence is trying to achieve. There is nowhere it is going. It simply is.

"Meaning is goal oriented: some purpose, some achievement. Man's mind brings the problem of meaning. The mind is the root cause of all the questions that arise in you. The mind cannot rest at ease with things as they are. It is the nature of mind. The oceans are not worried about God, the mountains are not contemplating on God, the trees are not thinking about God.

"Look at it from a different angle. A ship sinks in the ocean: is the ocean moral or immoral? The very question is irrelevant. The ocean is not doing it purposefully, there is no motivation."
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Osho continues:
"It is not gaining anything out of it. It was not intending to do it. If it had not happened, the ocean would not have been in despair. If it has happened, the ocean is not going to celebrate the victory. In fact, for the ocean, the very existence of the ship is not in any way a concern. So the accident of the ship sinking is neither moral on the part of the ocean, nor immoral. It is amoral.

"Morality is man's mind game. Existence knows nothing of it, animals know nothing of it, the birds are not aware of it. It is only man. And man is different from the whole existence because of the mind. It gives him a totally new dimension.

"The mind asks, 'Why is existence there at all? Who created it? Why did he create it? There must be some purpose behind it,' because the mind cannot conceive of anything which has no purpose. The mind is very Jewish, it thinks in terms of business: what are you going to get out of it? If you are not going to get anything out of it, then why are you doing it? You cannot say, 'Just for its own sake.' Then you are mad, crazy.

"I am reminded. Somebody asked Picasso – he was painting something by the beach, near the ocean. A man was standing there looking: he could not figure out what it was. In fact it is very difficult to figure out Picasso's paintings. And that is the genius of the man, that he has brought his paintings to the state of existence. They are existential. You cannot ask their meaning, their purpose, what they are. But the man was perfectly right. He asked, 'I have been waiting, watching. What are you doing? What is this? What is this painting?'

"Picasso looked at him and he said, 'I know you have been waiting, watching, and I was worried that you were going to ask this question. I don't know. I myself don't know what it is, and I don't care to know. Nobody asks the flowers, 'What are you? Why are you? Why are you red, why are you blue, why are you yellow? Why this shape and not another shape, and why this season, not another season? And why this perfume, not another perfume?' Nobody asks the flowers."
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lie… powerful… dreamlike… amoral… solomon… columbus… kalidas… picasso… adam… lazarus

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