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Sin and Guilt: Strategies of the Priest

Talk #26 of the Series, From Unconsciousness to Consciousness

"Sin is a technique of the pseudo-religions. A true religion has no need of the concept at all. The pseudo-religion cannot live without the concept of sin, because sin is the technique of creating guilt in people.

"You will have to understand the whole strategy of sin and guilt. Unless you make a person feel guilty, you cannot enslave him psychologically. It is impossible to imprison him in a certain ideology, a certain belief system. But once you have created guilt in his mind, you have taken all that is courageous in him. You have destroyed all that is adventurous in him. You have repressed all possibility of his ever being an individual in his own right. With the idea of guilt, you have almost murdered the human potential in him."
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Osho continues:
"He can never be independent. The guilt will force him to be dependent on a messiah, on a religious teaching, on God, on the concepts of heaven and hell, and the whole lot.

"To create guilt, all that you need is a very simple thing: start calling mistakes, errors – sins. They are simply mistakes, human. Now, if somebody commits a mistake in mathematics – two plus two, and he concludes it makes five – you don't say he has committed a sin. He is unalert, he is not paying attention to what he is doing. He is unprepared, he has not done his homework. He is certainly committing a mistake, but a mistake is not a sin. It can be corrected. A mistake does not make him feel guilty. At the most it makes him feel foolish.

"What the pseudo-religions have done – and all the religions of the world have been pseudo-religions up to now – is to have exploited mistakes, errors, which are absolutely human – and condemned them as sin. Sin means it is not a simple mistake: you have gone against God; that's the meaning of the word sin. Adam and Eve committed the original sin: they disobeyed God. Whenever somebody condemns you as committing a sin, he is saying in some way or other you are disobeying God.

"Now, nobody knows who this God is, what is for him and what is against him. There are three hundred pseudo-religions on the earth. Just think of three hundred sciences upon the earth, three hundred schools of physics, condemning each other, finding fault with each other, declaring, 'Only our school is the true school, and all the other schools are misleading humanity.' What will be the situation of the earth if there are three hundred schools of physics, three hundred schools of chemistry, three hundred schools of medicine, three hundred schools of mathematics – what will be the situation? The whole earth will go mad. And that is what has happened as far as religion is concerned.

"And when I say three hundred, I am not counting sects within religions. For example, I am counting Christianity as one religion, not Catholics, Protestants – in fact they are two religions."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

sin… breathe… mistake… outside… doer… scripture… living… christ… birla… shastri

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