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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: God Is Dead: Now Zen Is the Only Living Truth, # 6, (mp3) - roots, shadow, manu


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God Is the Original Sinner

Talk #6 of the Series, God Is Dead: Now Zen Is the Only Living Truth

"Friends, I hope you must have enjoyed the ten God-oriented people on the Gateless Gate, shouting pathologically that Jesus is the only savior.

"We used to have a motto in the commune in America: 'Moses earns, Jesus saves, Osho spends.' Just utter stupidity – saving and earning. I have never saved and never earned. I am simply spending. When others are earning and saving, why bother?

"But you will enjoy such processions more and more, because there are more idiots in the world than you can think of. Sooner or later they will all have to come in processions.

"I don't move out of my room, and the whole world is concerned about me. Anando goes on bringing news from all over the world – such immense concern about a single man who has nothing to be afraid of."
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Osho continues:
"This proves that even nuclear weapons are weak before the words of a man who has arrived at the ultimate home. What are they afraid of?

"And they find excuses which make them just a laughingstock. The Dutch government is still keeping the law that says I cannot enter into their country. And basically when they made the law, the law minister had reasons – the same reasons that are all over the world, that even a three weeks' visa for me, and your whole religion, morality, everything is sabotaged. But Holland also had a new idea when they passed the law against me: they cannot allow me in their country because I have spoken against homosexuality – that's why.

"I have told them, and I am telling my sannyasins from Holland to tell the government again, to change the name of Holland and make it Homosexual-land. 'Because I have spoken against homosexuality'! Homosexuality is a religion or what? 'People's feelings are hurt.' This is so sick, so pathological.

"But you will have many such circuses coming here. Enjoy them, laugh and dance. These people all had long, sad faces. Anando was there; she told me that the man who was the leader, who was shouting, simply needed a girlfriend. It is just repressed sexuality, which becomes all kinds of perversions. Christianity is one of those perversions.

"The questions. The first question:
It seems that for God worshippers, the opposite to God is not, in the first instance, that which is 'evil,' but that which is natural.
What has made man such easy prey for the priests with their concept of a God who is hostile to life?
"The questioner is very clear and very right. On the surface, Christian theology seems to be saying that God is opposed to evil, but if you look more deeply then you see that it is not actually opposed to evil, it is opposed to the natural.

"All religions are against nature. It is not only Christianity. Why are they against nature? There is a great psychological strategy. The strategy is that if you are programmed to be against nature, you will live a miserable life, you will live in anxiety, anguish, perversion, guilt."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

roots… shadow… need… humanity… heartbeat… artificial… darkness… manu… sekito… superman

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