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No Peaks, No Valleys

Talk #3 of the Series, The Goose Is Out

You are calling from the peak. I am lost in the echoing valleys. How may I come to you?

"There are no peaks, no valleys; the whole idea is a fabrication. There is no higher, no lower; there is no hierarchy in existence at all. It is just one cosmic whole, it is an organic unity.

"But the egoist has always been trying to divide people into different categories: the ignorant, the enlightened; the sinners, the saints; the criminals, the virtuous; the notorious, the famous; the moral, the immoral. The game is the same: divide people and then try to belong to the higher category so you can pretend to be 'holier than thou.'

"Hence, I want it to be continuously remembered by you that there are no peaks and there are no valleys; we all belong to one oceanic whole."
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Osho continues:
"The smallest blade of grass is as significant as the greatest star. They all participate in the same cosmic play, they all contribute to its beauty, to its joy, to its song, to its celebration. The existence will be less even if a small blade of grass is missing; there will be something lacking, there will be an emptiness.

"My approach to life is non-divisive. My sannyasins are not my followers; they are not to imitate me, they are not to become me. Hence, don't use such language, don't use such concepts. Don't say: 'Osho, You are calling from the peak. I am lost in the echoing valleys.'

"The peaks and the valleys are part of one whole: the peaks cannot exist without the valleys, the valleys cannot exist without the peaks. So who is important? Both are interdependent. Life is neither dependent nor independent, life is a continuum of interdependence. It is beautiful wherever you are, it is lovely to be whatsoever you are.

"The desire to be on the peaks is a wrong desire – all desires as such are wrong, and religious desires are far more wrong than any other desires for the simple reason that other desires can be fulfilled. Of course, by their fulfillment you will not go beyond frustration; fulfilled or not fulfilled, frustration is inevitable. If your desire is fulfilled you will be frustrated – in fact, more so because now you will see you were chasing a shadow; you have got it and there is nothing in it. If your desire is not fulfilled you will be frustrated, because your whole life is wasted and you have not been able to fulfill a single desire. All your hopes are shattered.

"Hopes are bound to be shattered. To hope is to hanker for hopelessness, to desire is to breed frustration. But in the worldly things at least there is a possibility of succeeding, failing, attaining, not attaining. But in spiritual matters there is no question of attainment at all because the goose is out! Nothing can be done about it, it is already out. The moment you start enjoying your valley you are on the peak – there is no other peak!

"One day I suddenly decided, enough is enough."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

solved… peaks… peak… nonsense… dance… avoid… paradise… catholicism… dimensions… forbes

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