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Drunk with Awareness

Talk #10 of the Series, The Great Pilgrimage: From Here to Here

"It is not difficult for me to tell the time. But keeping your watch in synchronicity with my watch is not the real thing; your heart has to be in synchronicity with my heart. The watch will not help. Just for your consolation, on my watch it is eight-ten. But you have to synchronize with my heart, with my being.

"And I know you are coming along, slow but steadyand the moment will come when your heart will beat with the same rhythm as my heart.

"Your question is, in a way, significant. Superficially, it is stupidbut there have been many cases of enlightened people whose watches stopped when they died. Perhaps their disciples could not manage to synchronize with the master's heart, but their watch did.

"One famous Zen master, Bokuju even told the people that, 'when my watch stops, you can understand I am gone."
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Osho continues:
"It beats with my heart.'

"But this is not the case with me. I am in every way eccentric. Automatic watches simply stop on my hand – because an automatic watch needs some movement, and I am so still. Finally, I had to change from automatic watches and turn to quartz watches, because whether I am dead or alive they will continue. A battery does not know how to synchronize, but the automatic watch needs movement.

"But I rarely make any movement and I don't keep the watch on my hand twenty-four hours – just when I come to you, so that I remember now it is morning and I have to go to you; and in the evening when I come to youjust these four hours the watch is on my hand.

"The remaining time I don't need to know what day it is, what date it is, what time it is. My people love me so much that they know at what time they have to serve my lunch; at what time they have to put me in the bed; at what time they have to wake me up and push me into the bathroom.

"And as far as days and dates are concerned, they are absolutely irrelevant to me. I have no need of any calendar. Even Neelam reminds me about the year, that it is 1987; otherwise, I have no concern. I am not in a hurry, not going towards a goal.

"Once in a while, while speaking, I look at my watch; you must be thinking that I am looking at the time, but really I am looking to see whether the watch has stopped or not. If it has stopped, it is better to stop now; if it is still running, I can manage.

"It was a great surprise to scientists why many people's watches stopped when they died, exactly at that moment. Those watches were running in deep harmony with their heart; slowly, slowly those watches had become in a dance with the rhythm of the heart.

"But making your watch run exactly as mine will not be of much help. You have to put your heart with my heart, you have to learn to dance with my being – and that I cannot do."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

beautiful… synchronicity… automatic… simple… situation… program… poetic… graceful… cleopatra… chamanlal

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