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No Goal

Talk #17 of the Series, The Great Zen Master Ta Hui

"It is good news that Ta Hui is at last coming closer and closer to the point. What he is saying now is not mere knowledge. It seems the sutras had been collected by his disciples from the time Ta Hui started teaching as an intellectual up to the point when he became enlightened.

"In this way this series is of tremendous importance – it will give you the whole process of mind changing into no-mind, of intellect dissolving into intelligence, of words losing their existence into wordlessness. All sounds become silent…all separations disappear…even the separation between the master and the disciple is no more there. The whole series is significant in the sense that it will show you the path in different stages.

"Most people who are enlightened speak only after their enlightenment."
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Osho continues:
"There is a great distance between you and them – they are on a high, sunlit mountain peak, and you are in the dark valleys of your life. The distance is so much that to expect any understanding arising between you becomes very difficult.

"But with Ta Hui your dialogue starts when he himself is in the dark valley, and the dialogue continues as he goes on climbing the mountain. Still there is something to be climbed, but it is becoming more and more certain that he will be able to make it. He has reached very close.

"Because the dialogue with him has started while he was just one of you, that continuity and the slow change in his being can be of great importance for understanding not only him, but your own journey.

"Perhaps the emperor of China met him when he was enlightened. and that's why he gave him the honorable title, 'The Great Master of Zen.' We have to see whether he makes it or goes astray…because one can go astray at the very last moment. He has just to go one step more, and something – some idea, some accident, some incident – can take him away.

"There is an old saying in the East that people don't get lost until they have almost reached. It is a very strange saying, but it has great psychological insight behind it. As people start feeling they are reaching, they start losing the awareness that is needed to take the final jump. They start thinking, 'Now it is almost certain I will reach, it is only a question of a few steps more….' Even one step is enough to take you astray, if you become certain. If you remain open, vulnerable, aware that you can still miss it, then there is less possibility of missing it.

"It is well known to travelers that when they come close to their goal, they start feeling utterly tired – just before the goal. They have been traveling thousands of miles, but they had never felt so tired. And because now they can see the goal has almost been reached, there is no hurry; they can sit down, they can rest – and that is a very dangerous situation."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

enlightenment… enlightened… consciously… outside… past… goal… seeing… projecting… barbarian… bodhidharma

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