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Just Being

Talk #27 of the Series, The Great Zen Master Ta Hui

"Who is in the way? Nobody else except yourself. You are blocking, standing in the way of your own enlightenment. Nobody else can block the way, because the way is inwards. It is accessible only to you and absolutely to you. But how can you block the way?

"It is not your real identity – because that is the goal – but your false personality, in which you have started believing as the real…You believe you have a certain name, you believe you have a certain caste, a certain profession, a certain religion, a certain nationality, but when you were born did you have any of these things? You were simply there without any identity. You were, but there was no idea of 'I', there was no ego.

"The ego is blocking the way."
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Osho continues:
"The whole science of meditation is to take away the ego – and then you don't even have to travel the way. Once the ego is no longer there, not only is the ego gone, but the way disappears too.

"Suddenly you recognize…you are it; you are the treasure that you were seeking before. But you lost your treasure, forgot about it, because you become so much involved in seeking, searching, finding. Naturally, all seeking, all searching, all finding is outside.

"Inside there is no space to move; there is only space enough to be still, unmoving, silent. That is your reality.

"So the first thing Ta Hui is saying in this sutra is, never be deceived by priests and religious systems, theologies which tell you how to attain enlightenment, how to attain awareness – because the very how is the problem. The more you try techniques and methods, the more you are nourishing your ego. It is very articulate as far as words are concerned, scriptures are concerned, philosophical systems are concerned. It is very articulate, but the more you nourish the ego, the more you are blocking the way.

"You have to be as innocent as the newborn child, who has consciousness but who has no ego. He does not know that he is. Although we know he is, and he feels he is, still the conceptual idea of an ego, of I am, is far away. His consciousness is like a pure sky without clouds.

"Once you start collecting things from the outside to create your identity…any created identity is false, because you are not what you do: you are not your profession; you are not your emotions, your thoughts; you are not your prestige, your power, your respectability. These are all components of your false identity – hence your ego is continuously ambitious for more and more. Its desire for more and more is unending. Because it is a false phenomenon, you have to keep continuously busy nourishing it, so you don't have any time left even to look at whom you are nourishing. You are nourishing your greatest enemy.

"The whole society is supportive of the ego. Then the problem becomes tremendous: your father wants you to be somebody in the world, your mother wants you to be somebody in the world, your teachers want you to be somebody in the world."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

identity… seeking… relaxation… song… authentic… observation… mantras… intelligent… alertness… gora

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