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Talk #26 of the Series, The Great Zen Master Ta Hui

There is no second person

"In this small statement Ta Hui is saying that the whole of existence is one. And because there is no second person we cannot even say that it is one. This has to be understood…because the moment we say 'one,' 'two' arises. Then all the numbers follow.

"In India we have developed a roundabout way of saying 'one,' not direct. The mystics of this country have never said that the world, existence is one; they have always said, 'It is not two, it is non-dual.'

"It may seem that there is no difference – but there is some problem logically. If you say 'one,' it implies the whole series of numbers, all the digits. If you say 'not two,' you don't say 'one,' still you are indicating 'one' without saying it, indicating oneness."
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Osho continues:
"That's why Ta Hui is also saying in the same way, 'There is no second person.' He could have simply said, 'There is only one person' – but he is a well – trained logician, an intellectual of the first grade; hence he is also very clear not to commit any mistake when he is saying anything about the truth. And now he is in a position to say something about the truth.

"One of the great logicians of our times, Ludwig Wittgenstein, has written a book on pure logic. He was a strange person, verging on the mystic side, but never saying anything about it. Only once in a while, writing about logic, he would give certain indications which show that he was aware that there is much more to existence than just logic. In this book, Tractatus, he says, 'One should not say anything about something which is inexpressible.'

"I wrote him a letter. I was a student and I wrote him a letter saying, 'If you are true, you should not have said this much even. You say, 'One should not say anything about the inexpressible' – but you are already saying something about it. You are saying, 'It is inexpressible.' You are already giving some indication.'

"My professor of logic said, 'You have been torturing me, now you have started torturing faraway people. He lives in Germany, now…it is none of your business to harass people.'

"I said, 'I am not harassing him, I am simply saying that if he really means it then he should remove this sentence.'

"He was one of the best minds. Even his own teacher, Bertrand Russell, had recognized him as a better logician than himself. But he never replied to me, because to reply to me would have meant he had to remove that sentence from the book. There is no logical defense about it. Whatever you say, you are saying something. Even if you say, 'Nothing can be said about it,' you are still saying something about it. So logic has its own subtleties.

"Ta Hui is a well-trained professional logician, but any logician – if he goes to the very extreme of his own logical thinking – is bound to come to the point at which logic has to be left behind, because logic ends and existence continues."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

parts… dewdrop… realize… projections… pretending… beginning… hiroshima… inexpressible… known… wittgenstein

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