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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Great Zen Master Ta Hui, # 32, (mp3) - ripe, insight, shiva


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Talk #32 of the Series, The Great Zen Master Ta Hui

"Ta Hui still continues with the meaning of release. The question is so fundamental that however often it has to be repeated it will never be said completely.

"There are things which you can only indicate, and the indication is always capable of being misunderstood – most probably it will be misunderstood – because the indication is only an arrow. Unless you know to look in that direction, unless you are aware that the arrow is pointing to something beyond itself, there is every possibility you may cling to the arrow itself.

"Because of this complexity, things which were said for the freedom of man have become his imprisonment. What are your churches, your temples and your synagogues except prisons of your soul? What are your holy scriptures? They were meant to be arrows pointing beyond words, but even the so-called learned people cling to the words and forget completely that those words are only arrows; they are only pointing towards something which is wordless – something which they cannot say, but they can point to."
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Osho continues:
"But they are only fingers pointing to the moon.

"Hence it has to be again and again hammered on your conditioned mind from different aspects what is the meaning of release. Ta Hui gives you a few examples of when the release did happen. And it happened absolutely irrationally; there was no necessity for it to happen – except that the disciple was ripe and the master's insight was so clear that he did not miss the moment. He struck, he slapped, he shouted, he did something, and suddenly there was an opening – the clouds disappeared.
One day, Ku Shan approached Hsueh Feng. Feng knew his circumstances were ripe.
"When a woman is pregnant she knows she is pregnant, and when the child is nine months old the mother knows that the time has come to receive a new guest in the world. There are no indications from When a woman is pregnant she knows she is pregnant, and when the child is nine months old the mother knows that the time has come to receive a new guest in the world. the child, but the very ripening has its own impact. In the East when the mango groves are full of ripe mangos, passing by the road, suddenly you are aware that the whole air is full of the sweetness of the mangos.

"Scientists have been working for almost half a century on bees, because they suspect that bees know a certain kind of language. It is very exciting to find out what kind of language bees use; it will open up a tremendously new area of communication. One bee goes miles in a certain direction for no reason at all – but she finds the place where flowers are blossoming, and she goes directly to those flowers, as if she is following a map.

"Once she has found the flowers she returns, and she dances in a certain way before the whole crowd of bees who are watching the dance. The dance has all the indications – in which direction, how far away you will find the flowers – and suddenly thousands of bees start moving towards that direction, without any failure, without going in any other direction."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

ripe… insight… deathlessness… principle… shiva

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