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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Great Zen Master Ta Hui, # 31, (mp3) - somebody, principle, mahakashyapa


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Talk #31 of the Series, The Great Zen Master Ta Hui

"Last night it rained cats and dogs. I have always wondered where this phrase may have come from. There is only one possible source, and that is a fable of Aesop: A cat was very happily walking by, smiling to herself, and a dog asked her, 'What is the matter?'

"She said, 'Last night in my dreams it rained, and it rained rats!'

"The dog said, 'Listen, you stupid cat. You don't understand a thing about dream psychology. I was also here last night and I can testify that it rained – but it rained cats, not rats.'

"That seems to be accurate enough. Dogs can dream of cats raining, but the saying is, 'It rained cats and dogs.' Who would be dreaming about dogs…? Except for this small anecdote in Aesop there is no reference in the whole literature of the world, but it seems in almost all the languages somehow the saying has taken root."
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Osho continues:
"One thing is certain: whatever the roots – or no roots – the saying is very expressive.

"The rain last night was an immense joy…not only to the earth – thirsty, waiting for it – but to the trees and to you all. These small experiences can release in you the ultimate experience…just the beauty of them, the splendor, unexpected, unpredictable. Suddenly you are surrounded with such tremendous peace, silence – and not empty, but full of songs and dances, and the whole existence rejoicing.

"As one goes deeper on the path, as one releases oneself from the prison of one's own mind, ordinary experiences start taking extraordinary colors. Just an ordinary flower looked at silently becomes a wondrous experience. What a marvel that a small flower can exist with beautiful colors, with a little fragrance of its own, an individuality of its own. The greatest philosopher cannot fathom the meaning of the smallest flower.

"But the mystic is not a philosopher; he does not bother to fathom meanings, to measure meanings, to think about things. He simply rejoices in them. When it rains, he dances, he joins hands with the rain. When trees are rejoicing, becoming fresh, one starts feeling the same freshness. Only one thing is needed, and that is the offering of the sutra this morning…release.

"Ta Hui is intending to convey a simple thing to you: you are the prison, you are the prisoner, and you are the one who has imprisoned you. You are playing a game with yourself. One part of you functions as the jailer, another part functions as the jail, and your innermost core is crushed between these two parts. You become a prisoner; it is not that somebody else is making you a prisoner.

"It would have been a great calamity if man's consciousness was imprisoned by somebody else. Then freedom would not be in your own hands; then freedom would be in somebody else's hands. It is marvelous that you are yourself imprisoning your being, hence the release can happen instantly. It is only a question of a little understanding, just a little intelligence.

"This sutra is very beautiful. It says,
In our family…
"To whom is Ta Hui referring as 'our family'? You are included in it, as are all those who are involved in this great affair of searching, seeking, trying to penetrate into the mysteries of existence."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

somebody… principle… extraordinary… device… silent… boundaries… methods… mahakashyapa… bodhidharma… aesop

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