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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Great Zen Master Ta Hui, # 22, (mp3) - wisdom, consciousness, einstein


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Talk #22 of the Series, The Great Zen Master Ta Hui

"In the sutras this evening, Ta Hui is raising the most fundamental questions about meditation.

"A few things need to be understood before we can discuss the sutras. The first is about your thinking process, which Ta Hui calls discriminating consciousness – in other words, your mind.

"The mind is constantly involved in thinking, in judging, in evaluating. Its whole function seems to be to keep you involved in thoughts, which are nothing but soap bubbles – or perhaps soap bubbles have more substance to them than your thoughts.

"Your thoughts are almost like writing on water…no thought leaves any trace on your mind. Your mind is almost like the sky: the birds fly, but they don't leave any footprints in the sky. The sky remains as it was before the birds came and after the birds are gone."
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Osho continues:
"To become aware of this is to enter into another dimension of your consciousness, beyond the discriminating consciousness. The discriminating consciousness consists only of thoughts. Beyond it is a consciousness which consists only of watching – not thinking but only witnessing, just seeing…not for, not against, nor appreciating, nor condemning – simply seeing, just the way the newborn child sees.

"Look for a moment at the newborn child: he has eyes, he has consciousness. He looks all around, he sees all the colors, the flowers, the light, the people, their faces, but do you think the child recognizes the color green as green? Do you think he discriminates between a woman and a man? Or that this is beautiful and that is ugly?

"He has a non-discriminating awareness. He is simply seeing everything that is there, but he has no judgment about it. He cannot have – he has not yet been introduced to the color called green, the color called red. It will take a little time for him to learn discrimination.

"In fact, our whole education is nothing but creating discriminating consciousness in every person. Every person is born with a non-discriminating consciousness – that is a witnessing consciousness. He is born with that which a sage finally achieves. It is a very mysterious phenomenon that what the sage attains ultimately, the child has from the very beginning.

"It is not coincidental that different sages, different mystics of different ages, have become aware of the fact that the final illumination, enlightenment, is nothing but regaining your childhood. The same consciousness that you had the first moment you were born has to be attained again. It is not something new that you achieve; it is something ancient, eternal, that you rediscover.

"You get lost into the world…there is every opportunity for you to be lost, because the world needs all kinds of discriminations, judgments, evaluations, the idea of good and bad, the idea of right and wrong – all kinds of shoulds and should nots. The world necessarily needs them, and it trains every child for them. The child goes on getting more and more lost into language, into words, into thoughts, and finally comes to a point from where he cannot find the way back home."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

wisdom… consciousness… enlightened… silently… psychosis… relevant… rut… significance… einstein… cleopatra

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