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The Total Man

Talk #12 of the Series, Guida Spirituale

In reference to your advising Indira Gandhi to impose a stricter emergency and suspend elections for fifteen years, Mid-Day carries the headline: 'Stick to Your Religious Pursuits, Osho!' Do you have any response, Osho?

"I teach the total man. One of the greatest problems that humanity is facing today is the fragmentary man. For centuries we have divided life into compartments. We have tried to make those compartments absolutely separate, so much so that one expert, one specialist knows nothing about anything else. He becomes very much informed, knowledgeable about one aspect of life at the cost of the whole. His vision becomes lopsided.

"They define science as knowing more and more about less and less. The problem now is how to make all these experts understand each other, how to create bridges – because man is not compartmentalized, man is one organic unity."
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Osho continues:
"Life is not divided, but we look at it as if it is divided. That 'as if' is a fiction.

"A man is not only a father; he is also a husband, he is also a son, he is also an uncle, he is also a brother. He is so many things! You cannot define him by labeling him as father, as son, as brother. That will be absolutely unjustified and absurd. A man has a multi-dimensional being.

"Religion, in fact, is not one-dimensional. Religion is a very comprehensive view of the whole of life.

"I am not a politician, and I am sticking to my pursuit – but religion is multi-dimensional, religion has to be all-inclusive. A politician may not be able to make any statement about religion, because he is working in a one-dimensional pursuit. Politics is one-dimensional, science is one-dimensional, art is one-dimensional, philosophy is one-dimensional. That is where religion is totally different from all pursuits. It is not one of the pursuits, it is a vision that includes all. Hence a religious man has to be aware about the whole.

"That is why sometimes I make statements about art, about science, about politics and about so many things. But up to now religious people have also thought that their pursuit is one-dimensional. After me they will have to redefine religion! I don't believe in that definition. And I would like to say that I am strictly sticking to my pursuit, but my pursuit is not one of the pursuits – it includes all.

"Religion is like a bird's-eye view: the hills, the rivers, the trees, the people – all are included. That is the beauty of religion: it is not a specialized field. And that is why there is great hope that religion will have to be revived to its true nature, resurrected, because now sciences, philosophy, politics, they have all become so fragmentary that nobody knows what is actually happening. The physicist is not aware of what the chemist is doing, the chemist is not aware of what the mathematician is doing, the mathematician is not aware of what the politician is doing. That is how the atom bomb happened: the physicists went on pursuing, and they were doing right as far as they were concerned."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

respect… curiosity… breathe… condemned… meditator… insight… meditation… delgado… desai… manu

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