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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Hari Om Tat Sat: The Divine Sound - That Is the Truth, # 30, (mp3) - concept, krishnamurti, chaplin


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Truth: Beyond Mind, Beyond Language

Talk #30 of the Series, Hari Om Tat Sat: The Divine Sound - That Is the Truth

"Rahul, before I answer your question, I would like to say something about you. Unless something is said about you, the question will not have a proper context. You belong to the Krishnamurti Foundation of India.

"In the first place, his whole life Krishnamurti tried to say that nobody should be his follower, that there should be no doctrine in his name, that there should be no organization around him, that he is not teaching you some belief system, but only sharing his experience. Now, unfortunately, he is dead. Even if you want to share his experience it will be very difficult. It was difficult when he was alive; it is now impossible.

"And everywhere – what he had been fighting his whole life – mushrooms have sprung up, and the same story…different names, different bottles, but the same wine."
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Osho continues:
"What in the hell are you doing in the Krishnamurti Foundation? I can tolerate a follower; I can even love a follower – everybody knows I am contradictory. But Krishnamurti is a very consistent thinker. He will be tossing and turning in his grave, that now organizations are organized, followers are gathering, making plans how to continue the tradition. And he was fighting against all traditions.

"My own conflict with him was this: that you cannot avoid a tradition; it is beyond your hands. Once you are dead, what people will be doing you cannot prevent. Rather than leaving it in the hands of the ignorant, it is better you should give the right guidelines.

"There should be no Krishnamurti Foundation and there should be no teaching about him, around him. If you have understood him, he should disappear, just as a signature on the water disappears. That will be the greatest homage to him. But the disease is so old that it grips the minds of people. The more you say, 'I don't want any followers,' the more followers think, 'This seems to be the right master.'

"And, Rahul, do you know what the meaning of your name is? Before you inquire about God you should at least inquire about your name. I don't think you know that your name is a condemnation. In Hindu mythology, when there is an eclipse of the moon, it is two mythological figures, Rahu and Ketu, who are trying to destroy the moon. For millions of years they have been trying but they have not succeeded – that is another matter. That proves they are Americans; they believe in the philosophy of try and try and try again.

"Rahul is not a good name. It is the name of a monster. Gautam Buddha gave his son the name Rahul, and since then people have forgotten the derogatory sense of the word, although Buddha had given that name particularly for that purpose.

"He was afraid that the birth of this son was going to prevent him from his search for truth. 'He is just like a Rahul, who is trying to destroy the moon – he is trying to destroy me.' To condemn the child he named him Rahul."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

concept… krishnamurti… chaplin… bodhidharma… nietzsche… wittgenstein

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