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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Hari Om Tat Sat: The Divine Sound - That Is the Truth, # 10, (mp3) - laughter, ease, mahakashyapa


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The Greatest Art of Being Silent

Talk #10 of the Series, Hari Om Tat Sat: The Divine Sound - That Is the Truth

"The madman never realizes that he is mad. The same is the case with the stupid – the stupid person never realizes that he is stupid. To realize that you are mad is the beginning of sanity; to realize that you are stupid is the beginning of intelligence.

"There is nothing wrong in being stupid. But to be stubborn and to insist that your stupidity is wisdom, that is a problem. I am happy that is not your problem. You are relaxed, sensitive, understanding. This is one of the greatest understandings, to feel one's stupidity. There is no need to go out of this circle.

"I have told you about Socrates. He used to say, in his old age, that when he was young he thought he knew all. As he became a little more mature, he started feeling that he did not know all, he only knew a little; there was much more which was unknown to him."
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Osho continues:
"A few years later, he started realizing that even the little he used to think he knew, he really did not know. It was only information; it was not his own knowing.

"Finally, his ultimate statement came in a certain situation. The oracle of Delphi had declared Socrates to be the wisest man of the world. Obviously the people who loved Socrates were very happy. They ran to Socrates to inform him, 'The oracle of Delphi has declared you the wisest man.'

"Socrates said, 'I used to think that the oracle never commits mistakes, but this time the oracle has committed a mistake. Go back and tell the oracle that Socrates denies it. He says, 'I know nothing. How can I be the wisest man?''

"The people were very much shocked, but out of curiosity they went back to find out what answer would come from the oracle. And they said, 'We are very unhappy. We delivered your great message to Socrates but his response was very strange. He says he knows nothing, how can he be the wisest man in the world?'

"There was laughter and the oracle said, 'That's why. Because he has come to the point of realizing that he knows nothing, that makes him the wisest man in the world.'

"What do we know? Life remains a mystery. Our not knowing simply indicates the mysteriousness of life. Our knowing is so superficial; it is not worth calling knowing. So if every day you feel that you are more and more stupid, it is a good sign. You are moving towards the state of Socrates. One day the miracle will happen when you will be able to say you know nothing.

"Just try to experience the feeling of the freshness and the innocence of not knowing anything. The mind is unburdened. You are light, so light that it seems if you want you can fly into the sky. And while experiencing this great not knowing you have entered the temple of the mysterious universe.

"What we are doing here is not trying to make you more knowledgeable. We are trying to make you more innocent, utterly not knowing anything. When it happens to you spontaneously, from your heart, that you know nothing, all the doors of existence suddenly start opening for you – not that you will become knowledgeable, but you will become mysterious."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

laughter… ease… anxiety… mahakashyapa… socrates… maulingaputta

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