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Life in True Faith


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Life in True Faith

Talk #8 of the Series, Hsin Hsin Ming: The Zen Understanding of Mind and Consciousness

"This is one of the most basic things. Try to understand as deeply as possible. The mind can see only one pole, and reality is two poles, two opposite poles together. The mind can see one extreme; in the one extreme the other is hidden, but the mind cannot penetrate it. And unless you see both the opposites together you will never be able to see what is, and whatsoever you see will be false, because it will be half.

"Remember, the truth can only be the whole. If it is half it is even more dangerous than lies, because a half-truth carries the sense of being true and it is not true. You are deceived by it. To know the truth is to know the whole in everything.

"For example, you see movement, something is moving – but is movement possible without something hidden inside which is not moving? Movement is impossible without something unmoving within it."
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Osho continues:
"A wheel moves, but the center of the wheel remains unmoving; it moves on that unmoving center. If you see only the wheel you have seen the half, and the half is very dangerous. And if, in your mind, you make the half the whole, then you have fallen into the illusory world of concepts.

"You love a person; you never see that hate is hidden within your love. It is there; whether you like it or not is not the question. Whenever you love, hate is present – the opposite pole – because love cannot exist without hate. It is not a question of your liking. It is so.

"Love cannot exist without hate. You love the person and the same person you hate, but the mind can see only one. When mind sees love, it ceases to see the hate; when hate comes up, when the mind is clinging to hate, it ceases to see love. And if you want to go beyond mind, you have to see both together – both the extremes, both the opposites.

"It is just like the pendulum of a clock. The pendulum goes to the right; all that is visible is that the pendulum is going to the right. But there is something invisible also, and that is that while the pendulum is moving towards the right it is gaining momentum to go to the left. That is not so visible, but soon you will see it.

"Once it has touched the extreme the pendulum starts moving to the opposite polarity, it goes to the left. And it goes to the left to the same extent as it went to the right. While moving to the left, again you can be deceived. You will see it is moving to the left, but already deep within it is gathering energy to move to the right.

"While you love you are gathering energy to hate; while you hate you are gathering energy to love. While you are alive you are gathering energy to die, and when you are dead you will gather energy to be reborn.

"If you see only life then you will miss. See death hidden everywhere in life! And if you can see that death is hiding in life, then you can see the reverse also: that in death life is hidden."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

accept… hidden… movement… gods… upanishads… phenomenon… detached… mahavira… sosan… shiva

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