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Strive to No Goals


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Strive to No Goals

Talk #6 of the Series, Hsin Hsin Ming: The Zen Understanding of Mind and Consciousness

"There are many beautiful things in this sutra. And for the seeker, not only beautiful but foundational and essential also – because Sosan is not a poet, he is a seer. Whatsoever he says carries the poetry of the infinite, but that is not to the point. Whenever an enlightened person speaks, whatsoever he speaks is poetry, and beautiful. Just the way he is, whatsoever comes out of him resounds, carries him, the fragrance. But that is not to the point. Don't be lost in the poetry, because poetry belongs to the form and the truth is formless.

"The way Sosan says things is beautiful and poetic, but remember, don't be lost in his poetry. Don't be lost in the poetry of the Upanishads, of the Gita, of the sayings of Jesus."
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Osho continues:
"In itself the form is beautiful but that is not to the point. Move into what the content is, not the container.

"For the seeker the content is essential, and to understand the content is to become it – because there is no truth beyond understanding. In fact, understanding itself is the truth. To say that through understanding you will reach truth is wrong, because there is no truth apart from understanding.

"Understanding is the very truth. You understand, you have become the truth. Truth is not somewhere waiting for you to happen; it is through your understanding that it will be revealed – revealed within you.

"These instructions of Sosan are for the seeker, and every word is very, very meaningful.
To live in the great way
is neither easy nor difficult
"Whenever there is a goal it can be either easy or difficult. It depends where you are, how much distance between you and the goal, whether there is a highway or you have just to travel along a hilly track. Is the road mapped, marked, or do you have to find your own way?

"If there is a goal it will be either easy or difficult. It depends on whether you have traveled on the path before, also. Is the way known? – it will be easy. If the way is unknown it will be difficult. Are you a good traveler? – your physical condition, your mental condition, will make it either easy or difficult.

"But truth is not a goal at all, so how can it be easy or difficult?

"There are people who say truth is very, very difficult. They are saying something which is absolutely ignorant. There is an opposite school which says, 'Truth is easy – there is no problem. Just understand and it is easy.' They are also saying something which is not right. And both things can be understood by the mind. Difficult? – the mind can find techniques and ways and means, and it can be made easy.

"Three thousand years ago traveling was difficult. Now it is almost as easy as anything: you simply enter an airplane and do nothing, just rest. And by the time you have taken your tea, you have reached."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

goal… misery… enjoy… attain… known… naked… ecstatic… sosan… ananda… maharishi

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