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All Dreams Must Cease


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All Dreams Must Cease

Talk #7 of the Series, Hsin Hsin Ming: The Zen Understanding of Mind and Consciousness

"Mind has only one capacity and that is to dream. And this dreaming continues even while you are awake. That's the reason Sosan or Jesus won't believe that you are ever awake, because dreaming has one quality: that it can happen only in sleep.

"These two things have to be understood first: mind is the source of all dreaming, but dreaming can happen only in sleep. And if you are dreaming twenty-four hours a day, one thing is absolutely certain: that you are fast asleep. Close the eyes any moment and the dream is there; it continues as an undercurrent. Even while you are engaged, for all outward purposes you seem to be awake but deep down a current of dreaming goes on and on and on.

"Any moment, close the eyes and it is there."
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Osho continues:
"It is not interrupted by your occupations. You walk on the street, you drive the car, you work in a factory, in the office – it continues. You go to sleep, then you can feel it more because, unoccupied, the whole attention comes to the mind.

"It is just like the stars. In the day you cannot see stars in the sky. They are there, because where can they go? But because of the light of the sun you cannot see them. If you go in a deep well, two hundred feet down, from there you can see stars in the sky even in the day. They are there, but because of so much light you cannot see them. Darkness is needed for them to be revealed.

"The same happens with dreaming: dreams are there in the day also, but darkness is needed so that you can see them. It is just like when you go to a theater: if the doors are open the film may continue, but you cannot see it. Close the doors, make the room dark, and you can see it.

"Dreaming is your continuity, and unless this continuity is broken you cannot know what truth is. The question is not whether truth is very far away or near, the question is whether the mind is in a dream or not.

"So the basic problem is not how to seek the truth; you cannot seek with a dreaming mind, because whatsoever will come before you, your dreams will be imposed on it. Your dreams will be projected on it, you will interpret it. You will not be able to see as it is. You will see according to your dreams, you will falsify it. Truth is there, because only truth can be. Untruth cannot be.

"So another thing before we enter the sutra: Shankara has divided reality into three categories, and those categories are beautiful to understand. One category is the category of the truth: that which is. In fact nothing else is possible; only truth is and only truth can be.

"The second category is of that which is untruth, which cannot be. There is no possibility of its being, because how can untruth be? For being, truth is needed."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

grow… love… dreaming… witnessing… moods… intoxication… future… alexander… mahakashyapa… mahavira

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