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To Return to the Root


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To Return to the Root

Talk #4 of the Series, Hsin Hsin Ming: The Zen Understanding of Mind and Consciousness

"The nature of consciousness is to be just a mirror. The mirror has no choice of its own. Whatsoever comes in front of it is reflected, good or bad, beautiful or ugly – whatsoever. The mirror does not prefer, it does not judge, it has no condemnation. The nature of consciousness, at the source, is just mirror-like.

"A child is born; he reflects whatsoever comes before him. He does not say anything, he does not interpret. The moment interpretation enters, the mirror has lost its mirror-likeness. Now it is no longer pure. Now it is filled with opinions, disturbed, many fragments, divided, split. It has become schizophrenic. When the consciousness is divided, not mirror-like, it becomes the mind. Mind is a broken mirror.

"In the root, mind is consciousness. If you stop making discrimination, if you stop making dual division – choosing this against that, liking this, disliking that – if you drop out of these divisions, the mind again becomes a mirror, a pure consciousness."
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Osho continues:
"So the whole effort for a seeker is how to drop opinions, philosophies, preferences, judgments, choices. And this should not become a choice in itself – that's the problem.

"So try to understand the basic problem, otherwise you can make this a choice: 'I will not choose, I will remain choiceless. Now choice is not for me, now I am for choiceless awareness.' This has again become the same thing – you have chosen. Now you are against choice and for choicelessness. You have missed. Nobody can be for choicelessness, because 'the being for' is choice. So what is to be done? Simple understanding is needed, nothing is to be done. The ultimate is achieved not through effort but through understanding.

"No effort will lead you towards that, because effort will always be from the dual mind. Then you dislike the world and you like God; then bondage is not your preference, freedom is your preference; then you seek moksha, the ultimate liberation. But again the mind has entered, and the mind goes on entering. And you cannot do anything – you have to simply be alert to the whole situation.

"If you are alert, in a sudden illumination the mind falls. Suddenly you are one with the mirror-like consciousness; you have fallen to your base, to your root. And when you have fallen deep within to the root, the whole existence falls to the root.

"Existence appears to you as you are. This is one of the fundamental laws. Whatsoever you see depends on from where you see. If you are a mind, divided, then the whole of life is divided. Existence reaches your being. If you have a mind, split, then the whole world will be seen as split, then day is against night. They are not, because the day turns into night, the night turns into day: they make a complete circle. They are not against, they are complementaries. Without the night there cannot be any day, and without the day there cannot exist any night. So they cannot be opposites; deep down they are one.

"Life and death appear as opposites because you are divided. Otherwise life becomes death, death becomes life: you are born, and that very day you have started to die, and the moment you die a new life has come into being."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

seed… opinion… miss… real… penetrate… boundary… dualities… sosan… ramakrishna… berkeley

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