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The Last Milestone

Talk #7 of the Series, Hyakujo: The Everest of Zen

"Maneesha, these dialogues between Zen masters and their disciples almost appear to be of another world. You will not hear anything alike anywhere else. They lived in a totally different dimension and they talked about things which don't matter to you. But to them, those things mattered the most. What matters to you, is immaterial to them, as if we belong to two different worlds. Their world is of immense beauty and of great blissfulness. Our world is of anxiety and anguish and angst. It is the world of mortality. We are here only just for a few years. We don't know from where we have come. We don't know where we go. We don't know even who we are.

"These questions have been put aside by the technological progress of science, and people's minds have become absolutely materialistic."
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Osho continues:
"They have forgotten one thing: their own consciousness.

"These dialogues are about your own consciousness and its inner secrets. Without experiencing these secrets of your inner life, your life is not much of a life. It is very superficial.

"The deeper you go inwards, everything in your life starts getting depth – it may be love, it may be creativity, it may be singing, it may be dancing. You can dance very superficially just making the movements of the dance, but you can dance so deeply that the dancer disappears and only the dance remains. When the dance remains, then only is the essential left. All non-essentials have gone. You are also gone. You are a non-essential.

"Something in you is of the essential, and all these dialogues are in search of that essential – from different angles, different viewpoints. So you must remember never to get confused between your language and the language of these dialogues. It is the same language, but used by very different people, by very different experiences, to be expressed.
On one occasion Yun Kuang asked Hyakujo, 'Master, do you know where you will be reborn?'
Hyakujo replied, 'We have not died yet; so what is the use of discussing our rebirths? That which knows birth is unborn.'
"But very few people are born unconsciously, and very few people die consciously. It is a natural arrangement of anesthesia. Before you die your whole biology releases all that makes you absolutely unconscious. It is the greatest surgery; nature has made a prearrangement for it. Only a very deep meditator, who has reached to samadhi will be able to avoid this poisoning, this oncoming cloud of unconsciousness. He will keep his light alive, his eyes open. Death will come and go. The body will be gone, the mind will be gone, but this essential awareness will enter another womb.

"Hyakujo is saying, 'That which knows birth is the unborn.' That one which knows the death, does not die. How can it die and know death at the same time?

"One Sufi mystic, Omar Khayyam, has written a great book and became known worldwide. Hundreds of translations have happened, but all are full of misunderstandings."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

center… outer… penetrate… memories… dreamlike… worldwide… basho… kazantzakis… asvhaghosha… ashvaghosha

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