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The Language of Suddenness

Talk #6 of the Series, Hyakujo: The Everest of Zen

"Maneesha, listening to these dialogues and anecdotes, the more important thing should not be forgotten. This is not a school or a university. You are not here learning any knowledge. You are being transformed, awakened. All these sutras are meant only to wake you up, to catch your attention – which is vibrating continuously, moving around thousands of things – to make it absolutely here is the whole purpose of all these sutras.

"This is possible only if you are only listening and not interpreting, listening and not making judgments, listening and not saying, 'Yes, this is right; no, this is not right…' You don't have to say anything. That is not the point of the whole process. The point is that you can be just a listener without any judgment."
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Osho continues:
"That prepares you for your meditation.

"Maneesha has brought these dialogues,
Once a Taoist…
"In the first place nobody can be a Taoist. Tao is neither a religion nor a philosophy. It is simply the purest understanding of meditation where everything disappears, including you. Then what remains is Tao. Buddha will call it dhamma; you can call it truth, consciousness, beauty. But all these words denote one oceanic feeling of awareness in which you are not separate from the cosmos. But the difficulty with man is, he makes everything into an 'ism.'

"So when Lao Tzu died, people started making an ism. And his whole life he had been teaching that there is no ism, no philosophy, no theory. You have to drop all these mind activities. You have to attain to a silent and empty space. That is Tao.

"Nobody can be a Taoist, so from the very beginning, we know that the questions are going to be wrong. Of course you can answer rightly to wrong questions – and that's what Hyakujo is going to do.
Once a Taoist, happening to pass by Hyakujo's monastery, asked, 'Is there anything in the world more marvelous than the forces of nature?'
Hyakujo replied, 'There is.'
"But being a follower of a certain dogma, his eyes are as blind as any Hindu, any Mohammedan, any Christian's eyes are. He could not understand that there could be anything more marvelous than the forces of nature. He is forgetting himself completely. Anybody could have said that the seer is far more marvelous than the seen. The knower is more marvelous than the known, because the known is just an object. The knower shows a different quality of consciousness. He is alive, not only alive, but consciously alive.
'And what is that?' the Taoist inquired.
Hyakujo said, 'The power of comprehending those natural forces.'
"What I have said to you, the seer, the witness, the watcher – that's what Hyakujo is calling the power of comprehending the natural forces. That is more marvelous. That is the ultimate splendor.
The visitor asked, 'Is cosmic vitality the Tao?'
Hyakujo responded, 'Cosmic vitality is cosmic vitality. The Tao is the Tao.'
The Taoist said, 'If so, they must be two different things?'
Hyakujo said, 'That which knows does not proceed from two different persons.'
The exasperated Taoist replied, 'What is wrong and what is right?'
Hyakujo replied, 'Wrong is the mind that attends to externals; right is the mind that brings externals under control.'
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

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