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Without Women - No Buddhas

Talk #14 of the Series, I Am That

I would like to fall in love, but I am afraid of beautiful women, and so afraid of love, and I don't know why.
Why is it so hard for me to fall in love?

"Love is the hardest thing in the world, the most arduous. It needs really guts to be in love. That's why for thousands of years people have escaped from the world in the name of religion. They were not really escaping from the world, they were escaping from love. It was the fear of love that drove them away to the deserts, to the mountains, to the monasteries. But they were not even courageous enough to accept the fact that they are afraid of love; they covered it up with beautiful religious words."
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Osho continues:
"They condemned the world rather than condemning their own cowardliness.

"And humanity has worshipped these people as saints – cowards have been worshipped! And naturally, if you worship cowards you will also become a coward. One should choose very carefully and cautiously whom to adore, because whomsoever you adore you start becoming like him – unconsciously, unknowingly. If a man escapes from the war we call him a coward, we condemn him – he has betrayed. But the people who escape from the battle of life are thought to be heroes, are thought to be doing something great. Their basic fear is of love – and why there is so much fear of love?

"The first thing that love requires is dropping of the ego. It is easy to protect your ego in the name of religion, in the name of virtue, morality, puritanism, character – beautiful words to decorate the ego, to nourish and feed it. Hence your so-called saints are the most egoistic people in the world, and you can see it. The facts are so immense, so self-evident, that there is no way to deny them. Your saints have caused more bloodshed on the earth than anybody else, for the simple reason because wherever there is ego there is going to be bloodshed. But when you hide behind beautiful facades you not only deceive others, ultimately you yourself are deceived.

"Love is one of the most dangerous phenomena. You have to put aside your ego, only then it can blossom. Love is real spirituality, but when I use the word love you can again misunderstand on the other extreme – you can start thinking in terms of lust. Love is not lust either. It is not the so-called religion and it is not the so-called worldly life. Love is different from both.

"Love is a transcendence of lust and ego Religious life gives you ego and destroys love, and the irreligious life gives you lust and destroys love. These are the two extremes: ego and lust. Exactly in the middle of the two is love; it is neither ego nor lust, it is transcendence of both.

"Lust means you are trying to exploit the other, and naturally there will be fear."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

love… escape… blessing… sexuality… skeleton… transcending… turiya… ryokan… wittgenstein… eve

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