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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: I Am the Gate, # 9, (mp3) - doubt, fallacy, mahavira


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Even in a Single Moment

Compilation of early talks.
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Talk #9 of the Series, I Am the Gate

"Awakening is possible even in a single moment. In that single moment one can explode into the divine. It is possible – but generally it never happens. One has to struggle for lives continuously, because the task is arduous and one cannot awaken oneself. It is very much like this: if one is asleep in the morning, there is every possibility that one can dream that he is awake, though he will not be awake.

"When a group of persons decide collectively to make an effort, then it is more possible that sleep can be broken. So awakening is really a group work. It can happen individually – and each individual is capable of doing it alone – but it never happens so. The actual working is different, because we never work to our utmost capacity."
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Osho continues:
"We never work beyond ten percent of the mind. Ninety percent remains just potential: it is never used.

"There is no difference in your dreaming – whether you are asleep or awake, dreaming goes on inside. This awakening – this awareness which we all have – is only superficial. Deep inside there is a dream. And that continues.

"So one can have two things: either individual work is possible or group work is needed. The whole order of sannyas was created as a group work. Awakening becomes more possible if there are ten thousand people working in a group – so that if even one is awakened, he can create a chain of awakenings.

"Buddha created a group order, Mahavira created a group order. Their orders were really an outward phenomenon – they were sannyasins, an order of sannyasins. Inwardly they were doing a group work. And that group work continues for lives. For example, there are still persons alive of the Buddhist group of sannyasins. And they have an inner understanding and an inner oath – a promise to the group – that whenever someone is awakened, he will do his utmost to awaken the others, particularly those belonging to the group. Why those belonging to the group? – because every school has a particular technique.

"If you have worked with a particular technique in your previous lives, you can work easily in this life. So there are many persons who belong to me since their other births, their other lives. And that group of persons is more capable in many ways. It has worked on something, it has done something – up to a point. It is not just a beginning for them. Otherwise, with every new person, you have to do more unnecessary and unessential work.

"For example, intellectual work is needed for beginners. Those who have worked in their past lives with a particular technique will not need any intellectual work now. You tell them the technique, and they will begin to do it. There will be no intellectual work – they will not ask superficial questions. That curiosity will not be there, and that curiosity takes much time and much energy."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

doubt… fallacy… mahavira

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