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Living in Insecurity

Compilation of early talks

Talk #2 of the Series, I Am the Gate

"To me, sannyas is not something very serious. Life itself is not very serious. And one who is serious is already dead.

"Life is just overflowing energy without any purpose. To me sannyas is to live life purposelessly, to live life as a play and not as work. The serious mind – the so-called serious mind, which is diseased in fact – will convert play into work. Sannyasins are to do the very opposite: to convert work into play. If you can take this whole life just as a drama, a dream act, then you are a sannyasin. One who considers life as a dream – a dream drama – has renounced.

"The renunciation is not in leaving the world, but in changing the attitude – the attitude that takes the world as something serious."
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Osho continues:
"That is why I can initiate anyone into sannyas. To me, the initiation itself is a play. I will not ask for qualifications – whether you are qualified or not – because qualifications are asked where something serious is done. So everyone, just by being in existence, is qualified enough to be at play. He can play, and even if he is qualified makes no difference, because the whole thing is just a play. That is why I will not ask for any qualifications.

"And my sannyas also does not imply any obligations. The moment you are a sannyasin you are totally in freedom. It means that now you have taken a decision – and this is the last decision, now you will not have to take any decision anymore. You have taken the last decision – to live now in indecision, to live in freedom.

"One who lives decidedly can never be free. He is always bound with the past, because the decision was taken in the past. You can never take any decision for the future, because the future is unknown. And whatsoever decision is taken is always a binding with the past. The moment you are initiated into sannyas, you are initiated into an uncharted, unplanned future. Now you will not be tethered to the past. You will be free to live. That means to act, to play, and to be whatsoever happens to you. This is insecurity.

"To renounce a home or to renounce a property is not really insecurity. It is very superficial insecurity, and the mind remains the same – the mind that was thinking that property is security. Even property is no security at all. You will die with all your property. Even a home is not security at all. You will die in it. So the false notion – that property, home, friends and family are securities – is still prevailing in the mind which thinks, 'I have renounced all, now I am insecure.'

"Only that mind, only that person, lives in insecurity who lives untethered to the past. Insecurity – a deeper insecurity – means untethered to the past. And it has so many meanings because all that you know comes from the past."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

moment… imitation… beginning… grow… need… insecurity… alone… bankei… mahakashyapa… darwin

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