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The Mysteries of Initiation

Compilation of early Talks;
Incomplete audio, end part missing. The 2nd question of this talk was published as Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy, #8.

Talk #7 of the Series, I Am the Gate

"Man exists as if in sleep. Man is asleep. Whatsoever is known as waking is also a sleep. Initiation means to be in intimate contact with one who is awakened. Unless you are in intimate contact with one who is awakened, it is impossible to come out of your sleep – because the mind is capable even of dreaming that it is out of sleep. The mind can dream that now there is no longer sleep. And in a dream you cannot know that it is a dream. You can only know that it was a dream when you are out of it.

"You can never know of a dream in the present. You always become aware of it when it has gone, when it has passed. No one can ever say, 'This is a dream.' No present tense can be used for a dream."
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Osho continues:
"You always say, 'This was a dream,' because in a dream, the dream itself appears to be real. If a dream is not appearing as real it will be broken. Only if there is an appearance of reality, can a dream be created.

"When I say man is asleep this is to be understood: we are dreaming continuously, twenty-four hours a day. In the night, we are closed to the outward world, dreaming inside. In the day, our senses are opened toward the outside world – but the dream continues inside. Close your eyes for a moment, and you can again be in a dream. It is a continuity inside. You are aware of the outside world, but the awareness is not without the dreaming mind. The awareness is imposed on the dreaming mind. But inside the dream continues. That is why we are not seeing what is real – even when we are so-called 'awake.' We impose our dreams on reality. We never see what is; we always see our projections.

"If I look at you and there is a dream in me, you will become an object of projection. I will project my dream onto you, and whatsoever I understand about you will be mixed with my dream, with my projection. When I love you, you appear to me one way. When I do not love you, you appear completely different to me – you are not the same. I have used you as a screen and projected my dreaming mind onto you. When I love you, then the dream is one way – so you appear one way. When I do not love you, you are the same. The screen is the same – but the projection is different. Now I am using you as a screen for another dream of mine. The dream can change again: I can again love you – then you will again appear different to me. We are never seeing what is. We are always seeing our own dream – projected on what is.

"So the dreaming mind creates a world around it which is not real. That is what is meant by maya – illusion. By 'illusion' it is not meant that the world is not, the noise outside on the street is not – it is."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

sleep… initiation… conscious… sins… silent… responsible… disturbed… deathless… devices… cayce

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