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Silence Belongs to the Universal

Talk #6 of the Series, I Say Unto You, Vol. 1

I could not follow the relationship between the five minds you talked about and the sayings of Jesus. Will you please enlighten?

"My God, so I have to go into it again? I was thinking I was finished with those five minds. But it is not a surprise, I was expecting something like that, because I had not made it clear. I had only given you a few hints, and those too, very indirectly.

"If you had meditated over it you would have found the relationship, but you don't want to work at all. You don't want to do any homework. Let us try to go into it again.

"The five minds were: first, the pre-mind – let us call it the primal. Second, the collective mind – let us call it the social."
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Osho continues:
"Third, the individual mind – the ego mind. Fourth, the cosmic mind – the universal mind. And the fifth, the no-mind, christ-mind, buddha-mind let us call it the transcendental.

"The first thing to be understood is that Jesus' sayings are addressed to the third mind, the individual, because they can be addressed only to the third mind. All the scriptures are addressed to the third mind, because only at the point of the third is understanding possible – difficult, but possible.

"Up to the second mind, the social, you don't have any understanding. You are imitative, you are just a member of a great mechanism called society. You don't have any identity. You cannot be addressed, you cannot be provoked. Nobody exists in you. You are just an echo – echo of the society, the church, the state, the country – an echo of many things, but just the echo. You are not yet real. How can you understand before that? That's why a Jesus or a Buddha is born in a highly evolved society. They are not born in primitive societies.

"Buddha was born in Bihar, not in Bastar. Bihar was the highest peak of Indian mind in those days. Never again has Indian consciousness touched that climax. Jesus was born at the pinnacle of Jewish consciousness – he is the fruit and the flower of the whole Jewish history; he could not have been born anywhere else.

"For Jesus to exist, a certain milieu is needed, certain people are needed who can understand him. Certain people are needed who can not only Understand him, hut can he transformed by him.

"So the first thing is that the sutras of Jesus are addressed to the third mind, the individual mind, the ego mind. The ego has a certain function to fulfill; it is not just useless. It becomes a hindrance if you go higher than the third, but you cannot go higher than it if it is not there. It is a must: it is a necessary step; only the ego can understand the misery of being in an ego. The social mind cannot understand it; the problem has not yet arisen, so the solution is meaningless."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

silence… cling… mistake… beliefs… truth… societies… minds… individual… growing… nietzsche

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