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Sex and Death: Two Poles of One Energy

Talk #24 of the Series, Light on the Path

"It is always necessary to understand how your mind is functioning, how your heart is doing, what is happening to your interior world. Trying to understand it will give you a certain distance from those things, and an awareness that they may be there but you are not identified with them. That is the great alchemy of understanding.

"Try to understand everything within yourself.

"In the very fact that you are trying to understand, you become separate from it; it becomes an object. And you can never become an object, you are always the subject; it is not possible to change your subjectivity into an object. So that gives a good distance between you and your feelings, whatever they are. That is one thing.

"The second thing: this distance will give you a possibility of understanding what is happening to you."
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Osho continues:
"Nothing happens without any cause. And sometimes there are things which are very fundamental. For example, the question is one of the most fundamental questions – the connection between sex and death. And if you can see it clearly, slowly the distance between death and sex will disappear and they will become almost one energy.

"Perhaps sex is death in installments.

"And death is sex wholesale.

"But there is certainly one energy functioning at both corners. Sex is the beginning of life, and death is the end of the same life; so they are the two ends of one energy, two poles of one energy. They cannot be unconnected.

"There is only one living being, the amoeba, which has no sex life; but then it has no death either. It can go on living for millions of years; it dies only accidentally. Death is not intrinsic, because there is no intrinsic sex. The way the amoeba recreates itself is very strange: it simply goes on eating, becoming bigger and bigger. And there is a certain limit at which it cannot go on becoming bigger; then it splits in two. That is the way amoebas go on growing. Both will go on living, giving birth in the same way, but there is nothing like sex in that life.

"The point to note is, there is not any natural death either. They can live, given the opportunity, forever.

"Death and sex remind me of one spider found in Africa, where death and sex come very close to each other. In man there is a distance of seventy years, eighty years; but in that particular species of spider there is no distance. The male spider makes love only once in his life. While he is making love, the moment he comes to an orgasmic state, the female starts eating him. But he is in such an euphoria, he does not care that he is being eaten. By the time his orgasm is finished, he is also finished.

"Death and sex are so close…but whether they are close or distant – they are not different energies. So one can feel them arising together.

"It is good to see them together, it is a great understanding – because people don't see it."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

biology… intrinsic… phenomenon… merging… gargi… shiva… yagnavalkya

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