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Even Donkeys Are Not Worried

Talk #7 of the Series, The Invitation

"One-pointedness, concentration and meditation are not related to each other at all. This is one of the confusions prevalent all over the world.

"One-pointedness is another name for concentration, but meditation is just the opposite of concentration. But in most of the books, in most of the dictionaries, and by the so-called teachers, they are used as if they are synonymous.

"Concentration simply means one-pointedness. It is something of the mind. Mind can be a chaos, a crowd. Mind can be many voices, many directions. Mind can be a crossroads. Ordinarily, that's what mind is, a crowd.

"But if the mind is a chaos, you cannot think rationally, you cannot think scientifically. To think rationally and scientifically, you have to be concentrated on the object of your study. Whatever the object is, the one thing necessary is that you are pouring your whole mental energy onto that object."
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Osho continues:
"Only with this much force is there a possibility to know the objective truth; hence, concentration is the method of all sciences.

"But meditation is totally different. First, meditation is not of the mind. It is neither one-pointed mind nor many-pointed mind; it is simply not mind. Meditation is going beyond, beyond mind and its boundaries. They cannot be related; they are opposite to each other.

"Concentration is mind and meditation is no-mind.

"The West, particularly, has not known meditation. It has remained confined to concentration – hence all scientific progress, technology – but it has not known the inner science of silence, peace, of being a light unto oneself.

"One-pointedness can reveal the secrets of the outside world. Meditation reveals the secrets of your own subjectivity. It can be said, concentration is objective and meditation is subjective. Concentration moves outwards; meditation moves inwards. Concentration is going far away from yourself. Meditation is coming home to your innermost center. Mind, reason, logic, all point towards the outer – to them, the inner does not exist at all.

"But this is a fundamental law of the inner reality that nothing is ever accomplished in the inner world by a reasonable man. It is an irrational, or better to say suprarational approach – to know oneself you don't need mind, you need utter silence. Mind is always concerned with some thing or many things. There are thoughts and thoughts, ripples upon ripples – the lake of the mind is never ripple-less.

"Your inner being can be reflected only in a mirror without any ripples. No mind – absolute silence of all thoughts, absence of the mind completely – becomes the mirror without any ripples, without even a single fluttering of thought. And suddenly, the explosion: you have become aware for the first time of your own being.

"Up to now, you have known things of the world; now you know the knower. That's exactly what Socrates means when he says: Know thyself. Because without knowing thyself – I want to add to the Socratic advice – you cannot be yourself. Knowing thyself is a step to being thyself, and unless you are yourself, you can never feel at ease."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

change… blind… answer… powerful… quest… ease… fears… concentrating… khrushchev… monroe

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