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Who Is This Man Osho?

Talk #9 of the Series, The Invitation

"Chintan is certainly passing through a difficult stage, but everybody has to finally pass through the difficult stage of death.

"Only a meditator is capable of passing through it as if it is a joke. He can pass through it laughing and singing, because he knows that the fire cannot burn and the death cannot destroy him.

"There is no sword that can cut him.

"He belongs to the eternal life.

"Once a small glimpse of the eternity is achieved, there is no life which can be destroyed by anything. It can be removed from one form into another, but death cannot do more than that – just the changing of the house.

"To the non-meditator death is the end, to the meditator, a beginning. It is a new beginning, a fresh beginning, freed from the old rotten body, the old mind."
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Osho continues:
"It is a resurrection; every death is a resurrection. But if you don't know it, you will die unconsciously without experiencing the beauty of resurrection.

"If you can die consciously, death is only a door into a new life on a higher plane. But to die consciously, one has to live consciously. You cannot manage to die consciously without a long, meditative, conscious life. Only a conscious life is rewarded with a conscious death – it is a reward, but only to the conscious man. To the unconscious man, it is the end to all his efforts, ambitions, desires. There is only darkness ahead, not a single light and no possibilities left.

"Death simply takes away the whole future.

"Naturally, the unconscious man is immensely afraid and deeply trembling, knowing that death is coming closer every day. Since your birth the only thing that has been certain is death; everything else is uncertain and accidental. Only death is not accidental; it is an absolute certainty. There is no way to avoid it or dodge it. It will catch hold of you in the right moment at the right place.

"I have always loved the beautiful Sufi story…

"A king dreams in the night that a dark shadow is putting her hand on his shoulder. He looks back. He is horrified. It is just a dark shadow, but the shadow speaks and says, 'There is no need to be worried. I have just come to inform you – it is not routine; you are a great king; it is an exception – otherwise I never come to inform anybody. I come without any information.'

"The king said, 'But who are you?'

"The dark shadow laughed and said, 'I am your death, and be prepared. Tomorrow, as the sun will be setting, I am going to come to you.'

"Naturally, this nightmare woke him up. Even after he was awake, knowing well that it was only a dream, he was trembling and perspiring. And his heart was beating so loudly he could hear it himself. He immediately called the council of all his wise men, and particularly the royal astrologers, prophets, and told them the dream. He asked them the meaning of it – is it true that death is going to happen? The astrologers may be able to figure it out."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

meditator… watching… confused… reagan… eve

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